Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doggone dilemmas

O the dog!

I really like our dog and I have to keep reminding myself that she has already made great strides in the 3 months we've had her.

She sleeps with the boys at night. She is on an eating and sleep schedule that matches ours.

She can stay outside or in a kennel for a long period of time without causing mayhem.

She can sit and stay.

But it's very hard to remember these things as I am chasing her around th neighborhood in my pajamas without shoes shouting and looking like a crazy lady trying to break into peoples yards.

She currently embarrasses me in a similar manner to this at least twice daily. My sons constantly open the door without paying attention and she loves to bolt. She will come to any stranger that calls her but she knows if she comes when I call it means she has to go home so she ignores me. My current method is to bring food or a treat and sit in a strangers yard and wait for her to come get the food from me. This method tends to take at least 10 minutes and as much as 45 minutes. It sucks!

She really is a good dog. I like that she chews up my kids toys, I think it will teach them to put their toys away. I like that she gets excited when they run and yell, I think it will help them stay calm in the house.

All that being said, if this bolting problem isn't fixed by spring break I am not sure she will stay with us.

I can handle a lot of things and I fully accept that I'm a tiny bit on the looney bin side of life. But I am not in a place where I want all my neighbors to know. I like to pretend I have it all together, especially when it comes to strangers judgments.

So either she learns to come when called, I start wearing makeup and running shoes at all times night and day or she goes to somewhere that has more room to run.

We'll see.

Rain=murky water=sharks=no beach

Still overcast and randomly rainy which means the beach was a no go yesterday. We had a friend over for the morning and then ran errands in the afternoon and had a star wars themed dinner at home.

I think I am cancelling activity week.

The train set came out which has been a source of immense joy and foot pain. First time we've set it up upstairs, so far so good but we'll see.

It was a Lego Christmas so I am now on a mission to reorganize the lego collection. thinking it's time to give them their own built in area of our house as I don't see the boys lego habit going away anytime soon. I'm sure you'll hear more on this project.

Halfway through this post I just remembered what I was going to blog about, my dog. Guess I'll save it for tomorrow.

I'll finish this post off with more random info.

I missed a work meeting today, I am on vacation and left my planner at work on accident so I did not remember. I was going to check work email on break but the info for how to log in was in my planner too. Now I am left horribly embarrassed and behind, it put a big damper in my day :(

We went to $5 movie Tuesdays in Lahaina today and saw Gullivers Travels. It was funny. It did not stick close to the book or tv mini series. It was inappropriate for my children to watch and we had to discuss this afterwards since I took them without checking the reviews first.

Tonight the twins best friend is spending the night for the first time. They have been ecstatic since yesterday. The old twin checked his watch at least 40 times today to see if it was time for the friend to arrive yet. They schemed and planned and scheduled out the entire event. It started with trains, moved into lego building, then kung zhu and tent building, quick dinner, pj's and into the tent. They brought books and flashlights into the tent and managed to stay awake for 2.5 hours reading and talking about everything imaginable. they are asleep now with the plan to play lego rockband on the wii as soon as they awake in the morning until the friends dad arrives to pick him up.

I need to go to bed now because I have to get up every hour during the night to check and make sure they are all ok outside in the tent. I get a little paranoid but I try to be the cool parent so I hide the crazy til they sleep....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Activity Week

We have 2 weeks of Winter Break this year. The plan was to spend one week at home and one week being tourists on our own island.

The plan never works out.

We did spend a lot of time at home last week but we also ran to stores, in-laws and playdates a lot during the week so it was slightly less relaxing and missing some of the crafty zen we could have achieved. Still a really good week though :)

This week everyone gets to pick an island activity and then I scream, yell, stomp my feet and push people out the door to make it happen. (It's not always this dramatic but that's the dread creeping in of what I fear will happen when I make my family do anything.)

It's always fun once we get to our activities but getting there almost kills us. Packing to be gone for more than an hour and where stores and fast food aren't accessible is next to impossible and almost requires a full luggage set these days.

Whatever time I choose for the activities will not be the right time. Someone falls asleep in the car, someone has to pee as soon as we leave all the places where that's possible, someone is going to miss a football or video game opportunity, someone just wanted to stay home, someone gets sick while we are in the worst place for that to happen or someone pushed everyone out of the house, left the luggage set of supplies at home made everyone stay out and miss two meals and now the whole family is crying.

Or it could go well. That's always a possibility.

Todays island activity is from the oldest sons list. We are heading out to baby beach this afternoon. I have yet to really think through this activity and I am not ashamed to admit that I don't plan to til the last possible moment which will mean I get stressed out and forget something. But on the bright side I will have a calm morning where I am not thinking about how to make 5 people bend to my will so I can make them have fun.

Tune in tomorrow to hear how it went.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

We had a moment.

My son stood on a chair with his arm around my shoulders and sang "Angels We Have Heard on High" with me as loud as he could at the Christmas Eve Service tonight.

I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear.

Or ten.

He and I rarely see eye to eye and I often misunderstand him and don't give him enough credit. He is an amazing boy, a leader who is full of adventure, spunk and grand ideas. He is also full of mischief, likes to test his boundaries and was never one for rules.

He challenges me.

Tonight he gave me one of the most precious moments I can remember as of yet in my adventures in motherhood. When the song was done he sat in my lap and snuggled with me while he listened to the story of Jesus birth and it's importance.

He is 6, our oldest son, and has always been very independent. I am not sure if he will ever know the present he gave me tonight.

p.s. The other twin snuggled his daddy and sang the songs occasionally. He really enjoyed the coloring book they provided :) Our young one fell asleep on the way to church and slept the whole service. They both gave me many precious moments too.

I love Christmas, I love Jesus and I love my family!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

We are christmastastic over here at Mallo Manor! The house is filled with merriment, baking, yummy smells, christmas songs, pretty lights, wrapped presents, stories of Jesus, movie watching, lego building and time with friends and family.


There is also mess, odd smells, broken toys, whining voices and a whole lotta rain but I'll focus on that later.

For today I say yea!

Also, if you are my friend on Facebook check out the coolest rainboots in the world that my adorable 4 year old got me so we could puddle jump together and gave me early considering the lotta rain and all.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's a hard knock life

I won't waste your time pointing out that I didn't post again, well I just did, but everyone is home and my days are chock full of making memories so I do no make it on the computer at all and I have decided I do not like posting from my phone even though I can. End disclaimer.

I started this week getting up early, before my sons and the sun, and was able to recall the amazing peace that comes with that. It is ridiculously hard to get out of bed when my alarm goes off but it does wonders for my psyche, it dials down my crazy like 6 notches!

I know this, and yet I rarely do it.

So, I have been doing it for about 3 days and having all these magical moments blah, blah, blah. But I forgot about one thing.

Early to rise means early to bed.


I went late night shopping with the husband last night, we got a lot accomplished but I was tired and cranky by the time we got home, I should not have stayed up past my bedtime! So this morning my miraculous early rise great day attitude thing did not happen. I arose bleary eyed, confused, tired and I sent one son straight back to bed because I cannot handle the lack of volume control in the morning!

Now, I sit and blog, refocus, and am determined to walk away from this computer smiling and singing "Tomorrow, tomorrow" as my theme song for the day instead of "It's a hard knock life."

Someday they will write my life as a musical.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oops, I did it again.

I played with your heart, got lost in the game.

Wait, that's not where I was going with that...I forgot to post again yesterday. I blame it on my computer because it is in the garage and yesterday was an idyllic family extravaganza sort of day, not a garage sort of day.

I got up when my alarm went off at 5 (and remembered why I set it for 5). Got up and walked out to a mostly clean room with a lit up christmas tree. It was so festive and quiet and pleasant and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing.

Then I began baking cookies, really yummy cookies. While they baked i cleaned some more and just generally enjoyed a few moments to myself before my children woke up. I was pounding chocolate and accidentally woke up my husband (I figured everyone were heavy enough sleepers to sleep through me pounding the counter top with a hammer, guess I figured wrong) who was sick, that was no bueno. My sons were up by a little past 6 and were so excited to see me baking, They threw on their aprons and chef hats and set to work helping me. We had cookies and the most delicious hot chocolate I have ever had in my life for breakfast (I promised to make up for it by making them eat veggies for breakfast the next morning)

By 8am the baking was done, the house was clean, everyone was dressed appropriately and fed. It was an idyllic morning. Except for the part where my husband was super sick. At 8am I left the boys with my sister and took him to the doctor. The fact that he actually went to see a doctor (this is rare) still helped to make it into a nice nice day.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I finally did it!

When I decided to start this blog, 41 posts ago, I had visions of things I would do to find "me time". 41 posts later I have done none of those things, until today, sort of.

It wasn't the great early morning jog with my dog that I envisioned but it was as close as I will get for now.

Preface: Last night I told my husband I was going to take the dog for a walk in the morning so if the boys got up he needed to turn on the tv for them and make sure they stayed in our room til I got back. I then put on my exercise clothes to sleep in so there would be no excuses come morning time.

My alarm went off at 5am and I kept hitting snooze because I couldn't remember why it was set so early (despite the fact that I was sleeping in exercise clothes).

At 6:50 I heard my boys getting up, cursed a little in my head and drug myself out of bed. I let the dog out of their room and made my way to the front porch to walk the dog without saying a word to anyone. My sons proceeded to wander the house yelling for both me and the dog. I ignored the noise and set off down the driveway pretending I couldn't hear the youngest one at the screen door screaming, "Leia is with mommy brother, I can see them. Go get them!"

My dog sucks at walking on a leash so we battled it out a little but I quickly found my groove. I turned on my mp3's on my phone (realizing that I need headphones because maybe not everyone loves "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" as much as I do) and walked as fast as I could push myself down the walkway around the waterway and back home. (then I realized I needed new walking shoes)

So, I did it! I spent 30 glorious minutes where I was not on call to anyone or anything and just got lost in myself for a bit. It was outstanding and if I can convince my husband it may become a regular thing.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cider Night

I have had so many posts about my anger lately, I fear it has made me look a little mad (pun intended!) :)

So here is a post about my elation.

My lovely friend texted me awhile ago asking if I had any cider for her Christmas Bunco night tonight. I of course responded with a hearty, "of course!" Well as hearty as a text response can be, I expect people to use their own acting skills when reading my texts and it's better if they are done aloud.

Now you know.

She responded with a, "figured you would" (I am paraphrasing as I do not have my cell in front of me right now) and I immediately went to my happy place, a place of elation and warm fuzzies.

I love, love, love, love, love apple cider.

I also loved that she asked!

She is just that kind of amazing friend. I don't like it when I get somewhere and the host moans that they couldn't find something and it's something I have at my house or know where to get. I want to feel close enough with them that they would ask. There is not a lot that makes me happier than sharing what I have, be it household items, cider or knowledge. And yes, I generally share whether you solicit it or not, so you might as well just ask.

I was feeling drained and a little bummed that I committed to so many little activities this weekend but these brief texts brought me back to my happy place and probably saved my family from an unhealthy dose of my insanity. So yeah for you friend!

Also, this particular friend recommended my blog and got me my first follower that joined via the rumor mill. So yeah for you again friend!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

no need to lie

My children impress me so much sometimes.

The other night we were eating at grandpas house and he was telling them not to go peeking and looking for christmas presents around our house. He proceeds to tell them that there are presents hiding and asks them where they think they might be. He is goading my children into being sneaky, at least  as best as I can tell. My husband says I am always misinterpreting what his parents are up to.

I interjected at this point and said, "They know where the presents are hidden, right boys?" My son proceeds to tell grandpa that the presents are in mommy and daays bathroom and that they know they can't look and they wouldn't want to spoil the surpise.

Gotta love honesty and trust, sometimes they work out!

Then today I heard people stressing about wrapping presents and i have two different friends whose kids already got into presents around the house and destroyed them. I have had mine out and wrapped under the tree for awhile. I add a couple more each day. My sons rarely even notice or pay attention to them other than to read the tags ( something we encourage 'cause any reading is good reading!!)

I love my kids. I love that I have way less holiday stress  then a lot of people because our boys are so laid back. Thank you God for the personalities you have given them!

I'm sure your way works for you, and I am not saying my way is right, but it works really well for us. The more we explain how things work at our house the more our boys seem to rise to the occasion and meet our expectations.

Now Christmas stuff is all done (I skipped a lot, like most of my baking and sending cards etc...) and for the next two weeks we're enjoying family time. This weekend is a lesson in insanity but after that I am drooling over the amazing days we're going to have.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's not fair!

It's not fair that every time I want to work on something I have to clean up 10 things so I can get started on that one thing.

It's also not fair that it is my fault that things get that way in the first place. (**stomp fee and make pouty face**)

It's a cruel vicious cycle that I am caught in and it is threatening to make me go all humbug on the world. I constantly try to be organized and make sense out of the chaos that is my house and it never really works.

Tonight I have a large amount of sewing projects to tackle. By the time I am done cleaning and prepping for those projects it will probably be tomorrow.

But, let's stay positive. If it wasn't for my crazy projects my house would never get clean!


I got so much done today, it was outstanding.

I cleaned, I ran errands, had a lovely lunch with my son, crafted, went to a super productive meeting, had dinner with inlaws, walked the neighborhood to look at christmas lights with kids and friends and finished wrapping all the stocking stuffers.

I feel like a champion.

now I am lying in my bed with my new pretty comforter set. I am tired and scared of what the rest of my weeks schedule will bring.

but what it boils down to is this, I didn't just sit on my butt today and that is a good good thing.

**note: Woke up next morning at 5am, in a groggy haze, could not remember what I needed to get up for.

Went back to sleep.

Awoke at 6:40am and realized I was supposed to get up early to do 4 things I didn't do the day before because I suck at prioritizing and just work on whatever projects are staring me in the face.

Realized I am fickle.

Now stressed because I have to skip lunch to go do those 4 things so that I can spend the whole rest of my day doing something I don't want to do and not working on my to do list. blah!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wisdom of a 4 yr old

My 4 yr old often tells us he already knows things. When we ask how he knows that 100 + 42 = 142 he says his mind told him. It's cute and makes us smile, we ignore the fact that he sort of sounds like a smug know-it-all (the cute voice offsets this)

Now he has expounded on his mind theories. this morning in the car his dad asked him a question that was way to hard for him. His reply?

"my mind knows, but it's keeping it a secret from me."

I feel like this single piece of wisdom explains so much in my life! See I am sure I know everything, but then the information is not always available to me when I need it. it's because my mind is tricky and keeps secrets from me. I can now rest assured that I am the smartest person on earth (not the spaciest as I often feel) it's just that my mind really likes secrets.

Wish I could bribe my mind with candy and promises of video games the way I can my kids.

As soon as that drea mcomes true I will truly be a genius!


Totally enjoying my zen quality morning of waking up with 20 minutes to get 4 people ready and out the door followed by opening my office and turning on my computer to finding an obscenely overfilled inbox when I opened up my lotus notes.

Ate my string cheese, got through the sludge of my inboxes both real and interweb, opened up google, only to realize I forgot to post yesterday.

So to this I say, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It's the first time I actually forgot, I think that says something but I'm not sure what.

So now I'll tell you about yesterday since that is the post that time forgot. Let me walk you through my day, you'll appreciate how yours went a lot more by the time I'm through.

Woke up, late for our family, at 7:30am, it was a christmas miracle.

Immediately got up and put my family to work stating that we could go to church and enjoy our day if we could just get our chores done. Chores were supposed to be cleaning upstairs and putting away laundry.

Got my newly stained and not quite finished china hutch cabinet thing put together and in its place, this left no more excuses for why my upstairs looked like a giant pile. Began work on the giant pile, issuing orders to all persons under the age of 20 ferociously. Swept and dustbustered at least 4 times. Should mop but that takes two extra steps that I wasn't willing to commit to, so instead I whined.

By 9:30 it's looking passable and we have baked pumpkin muffins (because that is what everyone does while trying to get chores done). We eat the muffins and finish the cleaning. It's almost 10 but I think if we hurry we could put away the laundry, shower and make it to church. As I just typed that I realized how wrong I was, but at the time I was optimistic.

This is when things got ugly. I went in my sons room, (the room all 3 demand to share despite the fact that I bought them a 4 bedroom house so they wouldn't have to share like I had to growing up and so that I would have 3 rooms to thematically decorate. and yes I know I sound like my mother.)

Yesterday, the day I quit, it all happened because of their behavior, lack of attention and the fact that we had cleaned their room like 3 times that week and it still wasn't clean. Also because I am immature. I went slightly bat crazy as my post from saturday might insinuate. Well walking in the next day, after just having gone over the finer details of how to keep your mommy sane, and finding a mess did not go over well.
I took crazy to whole new level as I scared the bejesus out of my sons by throwing a dog bed and shoe bucket and stomping my feet and throwing an all out hissy fit.

I'm not proud of it, but it happened.

It was all downhill from there. The youngest fell asleep leaving the twins to shoulder the work. I took away their shoes, their pajamas and their Adventures in Odyssey with the ruling that they could be earned back incrementally with good behavior and hygiene. I stripped their beds and went to do laundry and cool off. I also declared a moratorium on lunch, I said they could starve til the work was done. This did not go over well with my husband who had been watching football and was a little fuzzy on the details of my insane rantings. Now everyone was mad.

By about 2:30pm the house was finally sort of clean, the laundry put away and my family too scared to look me in the eye. I then ate my humble pie, apologized for the crazy that had leaked out of me and took everyone to Costco.

We got the errands done and on the way home sang christmas carols while we drove around looking at lights. Once home we ate pumpkin pie and watched my favorite holiday film, "the Very First Noel". Then my children went to bed without complaint.

Then I wrapped presents for 3 hours and went to sleep. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Maybe I need therapy.

This never used to happen. Patience was once my virtue.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I quit

Today was no bueno. It started off bad (i.e. loud yelling at 6am, stomping and throwing objects) and I allowed myself to spiral out of control. I just felt the need to dig my heels in and be mad. My husband said I was being to hard on our children. At this point I had already passed the point of no return. The point where you might as well ride out the bad choices and apologize tomorrow.

So around 9:30 this morning I announced that I quit our family for the day and I was just going to do what I wanted to do. I managed to maintain my boycott til around 4pm. This may be the longest I have ever stayed mad in my entire life. I am a "just let it go" kind of gal. I forced my children to do chores and my husband went to his parents to work on his car. I didn't talk to anyone and I was determined to make everyones day miserable.

As the afternoon turned towards evening my children began to thaw my frozen shell. They pulled out all the stops and wiggled their way back into my good graces. It amazes me how they manage to do that. My youngest chose to do chores rather than play when given the option. He also crawled up in my lap and gave me the biggest hug. My middle child gave me compliments and was his usual steady reliable self. My oldest, the wild card, was so uber polite that I began to suspect I was encountering an alien.My kids are so freakin' adorable it's ridiculous.

Tomorrow I will be back to my normal self, a major tone down on the crazies I pulled out today.

This probably means my kids will be monsters tomorrow.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm officially a day behind

Rather than post twice in a day I have decided to own the fact that I am a day behind in my blog. I just have to live with it and deal with it (wise words someone once told me) It took a month to get that way (that's right, you've been reading this drivel for a month already!)but with my track record it was bound to happen.

I have a habit of getting very excited about a project and spending a lot of time and/or money getting started (i.e. my yard, the dining set, my flooring, scrapbooking, family pictures etc...)and then stopping as soon as anything else comes up.

My husband says yes to pretty much any project I want to do because I'll be doing all the work. I pointed out to him the other day that I should have to submit a timeline or something because I don't do all the work, I do maybe half and then I quit til a more convenient time (which in my life never seems to magically appear)

As I look back at my half finished projects it's depressing and mildly amusing. As I try to plan to finish them my mind fills with new projects I should be doing. How broken am I? Who do I call to fix this? Seriously. **me shaking my head and hanging it low at the thought of my actions**

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The theory of blogtime

I was supposed to post this last night but I went to the Macy's sale at 10pm instead. I am sure my 5 followers will forgive me and I scored a new comforter set so it's worth it even if I let them down for a day.

I have a theory that my "me time" is my "blogtime." In reality I don't even shower everyday, a fact I sadly noted should change as I finally got up early enough to take one this morning after too many days of sleeping in.

I often have to stretch to come up with something I did for myself or find myself stressing a little at the end of the day because I didn't focus on myself. Don't get me wrong, this blog and my idea have been a good thing, it has taken bundles of stress off my shoulders and it makes me focus on myself for at least the 5 minutes it takes to type this everyday.

So, that's why my "me time"is my "blogtime." It's the one thing guaranteed that I did for myself each day. Yeah me!

Another definite plus is that if this is my "me time" then my posts can be all about the 59 other random crazies that happened during my day. Case in point, today I bought a hat that sings and dances on your head for my son. Why did I think this was a good idea? I just paid to heap noise and stress back on myself. Oh well, these things happen.

Side note: When reading please picture me doing air quotes in all the appropriate (and inappropriate) places. It really takes the blog to an 11. (This is Spinal Tap!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm swyping

That's me, I'm a swyper!

It's a cool feature on my phone. I am really only using it right now so I don't have to get out of bed.

Today I played musical chairs with my schedule and just kept trying to get to everything until it was taken away as an option. This worked fairly well and there was music so mark that in the win category.

One thing I did for myself was watch the NBC show the Sing Off. I was giddy with anticipation and the show did not disappoint, it was a great season opener.
If you haven't seen it, you should!

And that's all folks, I will write more when I am using a real keyboard.

**I had to go in with the real keyboard this morning and fix all the little helpful things my phone does like make up words I don't want to use and omit spaces. Maybe it's not such a cool feature for this purpose?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am bursting with craftiness!

My creative juices are flowing! I have absolutely no time to do so for myself but I can unleash a little of it on the WinterFest decorations.

I just about went into overload as I walked through the craft section at Walmart, and they are a sucky craft store. Imagine if I had been in a crafting mecca, I would have fainted dead away!

I love the holidays and I love any excuse I can find to get creative and make things myself. My boys are developing this same attitude. Both of the twins chose to make their brother something or buy them craft supplies. I actually had to argue with the oldest one cause some of his craft ideas were way out wacky. He settled on making an apron for his brother whose dream it is to be a chef. The younger twin went and got the coolest paper he could find so his brother would have it to make his paper airplanes with.

So for myself today, I took the time to have a mental meltdown of creative proportions, a girl can dream right?

p.s. In case you are wondering I would really like the robots cricut cartridge for christmas. Gotta keep the craftiness flowin' all year and robots are appropriate in all seasons :)Publish Post

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where did all this anger come from?

I had an ok day. I was a little off my game, which can be frustrating, but that usually isn't a dealbreaker for me. Mostly, I got a lot done and was able to make it all seem fun for my kids, that gets marked as a successful day in my book.

Yet right now I am seething. An hour or so ago I was just done and everything since that happened has made me more and more mad.

Do you think this is what happens to our kids? I can't explain why I feel this way but I do know that the feelings caused me to behave in a manner unbefitting to a woman such as myself. It besmirches my good name!
Sometimes my kids just go off the deep end and I know they must be a little tired, bored etc... but think they should still be able to handle themselves. But if I can't control myself how can I hold them to that standard? Going to have to sit and ponder this awhile...

Side note: sitting and ignoring the world around me while mindlessly checking facebook has helped to put me back in a less crappy frame of mind. Sometimes I seriously wonder what is wrong with me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sometimes I impress myself.

Made it to Aikido, recycling center, gingerbread cookies w/Santa, Mastercuts, 5hr birthday party, bought a christmas tree, put up the tree, watched 4 christmas movies, decorated tree, got cardboard for craft project and made a new outdoor home for our dog. I seriously impress myself.

Today was all about accomplishing some tasks. There are still 100 or more to do but today was a good day and now I am exhausted.

On a side note just have to say I am so proud of my sons! They had true christmas spirit this morning and were extra kind to people we encountered. At the birthday party they waited their turn, shared, used kind words and kept the focus on the birthday girl. I couldn't ask for better behavior (except the one crying fit...) and it makes up for a lot of the moments when we forget these behaviors. At least I know it's possible, now what do I need to do to make it probable?

Friday, December 3, 2010

I feel validated.

You would never believe the change a few days can make.

Monday was so epically awful and today was just so epic!

Everything stressing me at work got figured out and several people gave me very positive feedback and validation that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I had some uber precious moments with my sons, singing and teamwork and stories and advent calendars, oh my! Got a lot accomplished for myself in the form of chores and christmas decorating. To top off my list of smiles I got started on some of the holiday activities that make me the happiest like singing christmas carols and driving around looking at lights.

Today is how more of my days should be. I am going to bed now revelling in the awesomeness of this day :)

Ways to make sweatpants presentable.

I looked rather nice today. (before I put my hair up)

It's a fact and I am putting it out there to the universe.

The reason for sharing this is that I was comfortably and presentably sporting sweatpants as part of my look.

I think it may be one of my main goals in life to look for ways to make wearing sweatpants and athletic pants appropriate for work settings. Most people can tell you that I dress professionally for work. I wear skirts or dresses with cardigans as my own sort of unofficial uniform. But when I am not working I still have to go to work and people don't I am not working, so I still have to be presentable (or so the conversation goes in my head). Many days this has become like a fun game of how can I make it work to be comfortable in sweats at home and pass them off as presentable when I stop in at work.

People let me tell you I am winning this game!

If I'm not, please don't share it with me, I am blissful in my ignorance and truth be told the only dress code I know of at work is no cleavage and no bra straps showing so I'll probably be fine.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's 8:23 and I am ready for bed.

This is a short post telling all of you in my web world that what I am doing for myself today is going to bed...NOW!

We'll chat tomorrow :) (yes, I know that's what I said yesterday...but...oh well)