Monday, December 13, 2010

Wisdom of a 4 yr old

My 4 yr old often tells us he already knows things. When we ask how he knows that 100 + 42 = 142 he says his mind told him. It's cute and makes us smile, we ignore the fact that he sort of sounds like a smug know-it-all (the cute voice offsets this)

Now he has expounded on his mind theories. this morning in the car his dad asked him a question that was way to hard for him. His reply?

"my mind knows, but it's keeping it a secret from me."

I feel like this single piece of wisdom explains so much in my life! See I am sure I know everything, but then the information is not always available to me when I need it. it's because my mind is tricky and keeps secrets from me. I can now rest assured that I am the smartest person on earth (not the spaciest as I often feel) it's just that my mind really likes secrets.

Wish I could bribe my mind with candy and promises of video games the way I can my kids.

As soon as that drea mcomes true I will truly be a genius!

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