Monday, December 13, 2010


Totally enjoying my zen quality morning of waking up with 20 minutes to get 4 people ready and out the door followed by opening my office and turning on my computer to finding an obscenely overfilled inbox when I opened up my lotus notes.

Ate my string cheese, got through the sludge of my inboxes both real and interweb, opened up google, only to realize I forgot to post yesterday.

So to this I say, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

It's the first time I actually forgot, I think that says something but I'm not sure what.

So now I'll tell you about yesterday since that is the post that time forgot. Let me walk you through my day, you'll appreciate how yours went a lot more by the time I'm through.

Woke up, late for our family, at 7:30am, it was a christmas miracle.

Immediately got up and put my family to work stating that we could go to church and enjoy our day if we could just get our chores done. Chores were supposed to be cleaning upstairs and putting away laundry.

Got my newly stained and not quite finished china hutch cabinet thing put together and in its place, this left no more excuses for why my upstairs looked like a giant pile. Began work on the giant pile, issuing orders to all persons under the age of 20 ferociously. Swept and dustbustered at least 4 times. Should mop but that takes two extra steps that I wasn't willing to commit to, so instead I whined.

By 9:30 it's looking passable and we have baked pumpkin muffins (because that is what everyone does while trying to get chores done). We eat the muffins and finish the cleaning. It's almost 10 but I think if we hurry we could put away the laundry, shower and make it to church. As I just typed that I realized how wrong I was, but at the time I was optimistic.

This is when things got ugly. I went in my sons room, (the room all 3 demand to share despite the fact that I bought them a 4 bedroom house so they wouldn't have to share like I had to growing up and so that I would have 3 rooms to thematically decorate. and yes I know I sound like my mother.)

Yesterday, the day I quit, it all happened because of their behavior, lack of attention and the fact that we had cleaned their room like 3 times that week and it still wasn't clean. Also because I am immature. I went slightly bat crazy as my post from saturday might insinuate. Well walking in the next day, after just having gone over the finer details of how to keep your mommy sane, and finding a mess did not go over well.
I took crazy to whole new level as I scared the bejesus out of my sons by throwing a dog bed and shoe bucket and stomping my feet and throwing an all out hissy fit.

I'm not proud of it, but it happened.

It was all downhill from there. The youngest fell asleep leaving the twins to shoulder the work. I took away their shoes, their pajamas and their Adventures in Odyssey with the ruling that they could be earned back incrementally with good behavior and hygiene. I stripped their beds and went to do laundry and cool off. I also declared a moratorium on lunch, I said they could starve til the work was done. This did not go over well with my husband who had been watching football and was a little fuzzy on the details of my insane rantings. Now everyone was mad.

By about 2:30pm the house was finally sort of clean, the laundry put away and my family too scared to look me in the eye. I then ate my humble pie, apologized for the crazy that had leaked out of me and took everyone to Costco.

We got the errands done and on the way home sang christmas carols while we drove around looking at lights. Once home we ate pumpkin pie and watched my favorite holiday film, "the Very First Noel". Then my children went to bed without complaint.

Then I wrapped presents for 3 hours and went to sleep. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Maybe I need therapy.

This never used to happen. Patience was once my virtue.

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