Sunday, December 12, 2010

I quit

Today was no bueno. It started off bad (i.e. loud yelling at 6am, stomping and throwing objects) and I allowed myself to spiral out of control. I just felt the need to dig my heels in and be mad. My husband said I was being to hard on our children. At this point I had already passed the point of no return. The point where you might as well ride out the bad choices and apologize tomorrow.

So around 9:30 this morning I announced that I quit our family for the day and I was just going to do what I wanted to do. I managed to maintain my boycott til around 4pm. This may be the longest I have ever stayed mad in my entire life. I am a "just let it go" kind of gal. I forced my children to do chores and my husband went to his parents to work on his car. I didn't talk to anyone and I was determined to make everyones day miserable.

As the afternoon turned towards evening my children began to thaw my frozen shell. They pulled out all the stops and wiggled their way back into my good graces. It amazes me how they manage to do that. My youngest chose to do chores rather than play when given the option. He also crawled up in my lap and gave me the biggest hug. My middle child gave me compliments and was his usual steady reliable self. My oldest, the wild card, was so uber polite that I began to suspect I was encountering an alien.My kids are so freakin' adorable it's ridiculous.

Tomorrow I will be back to my normal self, a major tone down on the crazies I pulled out today.

This probably means my kids will be monsters tomorrow.

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