Monday, April 4, 2016

Out of Excuses

It finally happened, I got back in the exercise game. I flirted with the idea a year ago and made a challenge group, but it didn't really stick.

Almost 3 years ago, I had a baby so I stopped exercising. My exercise partner got stuck working full time so I had no one to go to the gym with. I hurt my foot last September and ended up in a rehab boot til my birthday. I went on trips in February and March so my schedule was off. I asked everyone I could think of, to go to the gym or walk with me, and they all smiled and said maybe or made plans with me and then had to cancel.

So many excuses.

My reality is that I do not put myself first. I have a to do list and anything on it that other people need done will get done first. So, unless I have that accountability of another person, exercise goes to the end of the list.

This past week I discovered that my children are people too! With this revelation, plus the fact that I make their schedules, I now had people to exercise with. Also my sister came with me a lot and I didn't tell my husband what I was doing, I just sort of left him with some kids in the early morning.  This system seems to work.

I know it at least has a chance because today, no one woke up early to go with me, my sister missed her alarm, and I went and exercised ALL BY MYSELF!!

Wait, I lied. I took the dog. She's getting out of shape too and it made me feel like I was helping her out.

Now, before you all leap up into a standing ovation to celebrate my monumental accomplishments let me share the monumental benefits of daily exercise.

(I'm sharing these because I saw a video of what happens when you don't exercise today. Maybe I should have made a video of what happens when you do?)

Monumental benefits of increased exercise:
- improved mood
- increased exhaustion
- clothes that fit better
- way more laundry to do
- impressive tan
- way more showers
- way less chores done
- weight gain?
- decreased appetite

Now you can give me that standing ovation.
Or, call me and set up an exercise date, that might be better.

Let the adventures in exercise begin. As soon as I can figure out flattering slefies I'll assault you with a barrage of exercise proof photos. You'll love it.