Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dress Up

I did it!!! After more than 6 months of hiding the massive dress up collection that my 3 boys have amassed and threatening and cursing them in my mind whenever they snuck in and touched it, I have finally organized it.

It was a magical moment.

Together the 4 of us decided what would stay and what would go and found a place for everything so that everything is now in its place. Then I threatened them (with a smile on my face to tone down the lightening bolts I was shooting from my eyes) that it would disappear forever if the dress up didn't stay the way that I had just made it look. They promised and the 7 yr olds ran off to more entertaining things. The 4yr old begged and pleaded to dress up immediately which was a wish I was more than happy to grant (seeing as that was the whole point of cleaning it up in the first place).

20 minutes later he was screaming and crying upstairs and I was fairly certain we would be rushing to the emergency room. The oldest twin was sent to check (he's less sqeamish than me when it comes to gross accidents etc...) (this is my justification for not checking on my own child that sounded like he was dying) and it turned out that he had knocked down the closet bar that all the dress up was hanging on.

I guess my threats worked because he was certain that he was in trouble forever and that all his dressup was going to goodwill. Oh well, it was a fun 20 minutes and I will make my organizational wonders a little sturdier next time. Lesson learned.

Now I have to go be a helper because the 4yr old is stomping out of the room throwing his blanket and grumpily announcing, "where are my clothes anyways!?!?!?" in response to, "it's almost 2 o'clock and you really need to wear more than just your superman underwear."

Loving life is what I'm doing, loving life. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I havent hearted a day since

:( My last post was June 14th and the title was "I heart today." It was the day of my 8th wedding anniversary, which I forgot about, cause I'm cool like that, and the day before I had to fly to Oahu with my husband because his dad had slipped into a coma and was losing his battle with cancer.

My blog is supposed to be a funny look at my funny life. The problem is, life isn't very funny right now. I'm too busy being upset that my sons have to grow up without their grandpa, that my husband didn't learn everything he wanted to learn from his dad and that my mother in law will now go through retirement alone. It's not fair that I can't call him with my questions and drive over to hang out with him. Our time with him was stolen by cancer. He was diagnosed with a stage IV glioblastoma directly in the center of his brain less than 2 months ago. He lost his short term memory and after the risky surgery to remove part of the tumor he lost his ability to walk and talk for the most part and had drastic personality changes. 2 months ago he was present and we were having a great time. Now he is gone forever.

It sucks. A lot.

But, I can't get mired down in the doldrums. I am determined to come out of this stronger and with renewed joyful memories of the great man that was Paul.

In my efforts to stay positive and focused on the nonsucky stuff I am going to share Paul with the blogger world. I'll understand if you skim this or skip it completely, most of you don't know him and that's okay. For those of you who did, I hope you smile a little as you read.

Paul came into my life 11 years ago. I had just moved to Hawaii from Montana and just started dating an adorable guy. I went to Maui for Thanksgiving break and met him for the first time. The only impression I got then was that he really liked to be in charge and he really liked to cook. As we got more serious I began to spend most vacations on Maui with their family. By 2003 we were married and I was officially a member of Pauls family.

Paul was helpful. You see when I say Paul was helpful, I mean whether you wanted his help or not, kind of helpful. That kind of personality can be hard to handle. It used to frustrate me that he would call at 7am on a weekend to let me know about a new sale at Costco. Or when he would call to see if we booked a flight, got to the airport, got through security, got on the plane, got off the plane, made it to luggage etc... When I cooked he would stand behind me and offer "suggestions" of what I could be doing different. He had an infinite amount of knowledge and could fix anything. Once I learned that he really just wanted to be helpful I could get over the pushy invasive manner in which he sometimes did it. I have never met a more helpful man. It seemed like he knew everything. If he didn't know then he researched and learned. He was just cool like that.

Paul made time for whatever I needed whenever I needed it. He constantly changed his schedule so I could have a ride to Hana, pick up new furniture, deliver a load of gravel, make a tile patio or get 200 pizzas delivered. He was there for me no matter what outlandish request I came up with. And it was always service with a smile. When he grumbled I would tell him he didn't need to help and he would always say, "I'm only joking. Of course I'll do it."

His many "suggestions" made me a much better cook and taught me how to use coupons, get discounts (always say your father in law is a fire captain!!), return items and generally use any system to my advantage. He had life figured out and it was impressive to watch him in action.

When it came to my sons, he loved them unconditionally. Everywhere he went they were on his mind. He came home with juice from the airplane or plastic glasses from the eye doctor. It didn't matter what it was he always had some small thing that showed he was thinking about them wherever he was. He watched them swim, pushed them to do better, and let them try all kinds of scary stuff that I never would have allowed. During grandpa time he let them walk on his roof, start fires with him, light fireworks, cook food and build with hammers and nails. He always believed they could handle anything and encouraged them to try. He regularly bribed them with m&m's and blueberries and had secret stashes of candy that he would give them as long as they didn't tell mommy. He was full of hugs and snuggles and though he didn't agree with my parenting style he still let me be the parent. My sons were certain he was a superhero.

Paul was my husbands go to person. No matter what my husband needed he could talk it out and figure it out with his dad. Together they built and rebuilt everything from toys to parts of the house. As a team they were unstoppable. Paul would constantly second guess and want to talk out every step along the way. My husband could do everything in his head and would get frustrated with the talking. But together they made it work. Thanks to their team skills we never needed mechanics, plumbers, electricians, chefs, contractors or almost any form of labor that most people hire on a regular basis. They were the best example of a father and son that I have ever witnessed.

Paul was involved in every part of our lives. Our weekly dinners with him were always entertaining and our sons begged to have more time at his house. He couldn't keep still unless he was napping so he was always fiddling. At his house it kept him busy on projects. At my house it meant he fixed squeaky cupboards, scrubbed sinks and unraveled a tablecloth thread by thread because he couldn't just sit and eat and talk. It was a quirk we learned to deal with. We would bring him labels to peel, and thread and yarn to rewind into balls and he would be as happy as a clam with his projects.

I feel like we all have a lot of growing up to do now that he is gone. We remember him everytime we see his handiwork, play cribbage, drink scotch, eat tacos and tell our boys to stop crying. So yeah, he was pretty awesome.

We'll get through this and move on with life but for right now I feel like behaving like my sons, I don't want to be grown up about grief. My oldest doesn't want to talk about it, he says if he doesn't think about it it doesn't hurt. My younger twin screamed when he found out and just kept saying, "I want my grandpa!" and my youngest is filled with his memories. Every 30 minutes he has some new question like, "Is grandpa still dead?" or some memory like "remember when grandpa made me red wine blood juice?" I want to scream and pretend nothings wrong and share all the great memories we have too. But I don't want to move on just yet and I don't want to be sad all the time.

I believe in God and I believe he has a plan, even in the bad stuff. But right now I don't see it and I don't understand why he's gone. I pray that God will share with me the purpose that can be found in Pauls death and what good could possibly come from all this pain.

From the most amazing parts to the most annoying parts we miss Paul. I'm glad he was around long enough to leave lasting impressions on each and every member of my family and thankful for the time we had. Raise a glass to Paul and say cheers to a truly great man.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I heart today

I realize it's teeny bopper and girly to "heart" things but that's how I feel today. That's my disclaimer so that you can now mock me all you wish knowing that I was fully aware of the embarrassing way I chose to explain my feelings towards my day.

I planned a day off. These sorts of days should just happen, but I forget, and they don't, so I planned one. My sons had a little too much excitement on our staycation which led to tear filled moments and hours (also bodily throwing themselves onto floors and furniture, makes a mother proud!). So today we purposefully stayed home. It has been a blissful day of not one tear nor any raised voice (except when they are downstairs and I am upstairs and why walk to where they are when I can shriek? moments)Just my 3 boys dressing up, building toys, playing pretend and happily feeding themselves. Honestly, I've barely talked to them, but I think they like that.

As for me, I cleaned. Happily, merrily, whistle while you work sort of cleaning. I always knew I was just like Snow White! Growing up it was a death sentence to be told I had to clean anything. Now I practically beg for some free alone time so that I can clean. I like organization and cleanliness but I can't get to that place through the chaos. Today I watched silly movies and cleaned. My house is still a mess :) it usually is, but parts are clean and I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. So....SUCCESS! I officially heart cleaning, as long as it's on my terms.

While I'm on the subject of ridiculous feelings that I have towards chores, I should tell you that I almost fell in love with my dirty laundry this week. You see, as I explained in another post, I have not done my laundry for about a month. I was down to only the most embarrassing combos of clothing in my vast wardrobe and my sons were becoming ashamed to be seen with me (and you should see what they wear!!!) I was ready to go spend money we don't have to bolster my sad miserable wardrobe and look like my stunning self again when I had an epiphany. It happened while I was doing laundry and I almost cried out in joy. I have never been so in love with dirty laundry.

The funny thing about not doing laundry (or cleaning your room) for a month is that it eats up all of your wardrobe. As I sorted lights and darks I found items of clothing that I had not see in way too long and got so excited about the many outfits I could wear once they were clean. All was right in the world again and I had my precious clothes back!!! It was better than Christmas! I know I should have known that's where they were, but hey, looks like I missed the boat on that one. The importance of the story is that I figured it out and getting dressed is a happy experience once again. Hazah!

Now I'm off to hug some boys in overalls and make sure they know how much I appreciate the time they gave me today. They rock!

p.s. I'm sure you're dying to hear the staycation wonders of yesterday. Here's the highlights, got screwed by timeshare people - we do not heart Wyndermere properties, had an amazing lunch with just my boys and got tons of stuff prepped for my FIL's return to the island, had a magical sticky time eating shave ice under one of the nations largest banyan trees and managed to prevent my son from crying when the jail was closed and he couldn't visit to get locked up. I love me some Lahaina, it's one of my happy, restful, clear your head space, type of places. Dinner at Da Kitchen made my life complete. A big shout out to the giant YUM! that is their teriyaki beef!

The night ended with a lot of vomit, but whatever. Puke happens.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The weekend that happened

I didn't really plan this weekend, it just sort of happened.

I mean that in a good but exhausted way :)

Saturday was my dear friends 30th birthday!!! I know, it's a biggun!! The fact that she chose to spend it with me is pretty ridiculously cool.

We started the day with IHOP.

Mmmmmmm, pancakes.

When we awoke from our food coma (and the 9:30am birthday ice cream sundae they gave her after singing to her loudly) we headed to the swap meet.

Where good deals are found and cheap knockoffs from other countries abound.

I found a giant floppy beach hat, two pairs of slippers and a one of my sons found a watch so our day was extra successful. My friends found a few great steals and seemed pretty satisfied with the experience. It's so hot at our swap meet that we were all melting after so we headed to the beach. A quick stop in Kihei to grab our kayak (yes I, the girl who can barely swim kayaks. believe it.) Then we headed down to Keawakapu. It was not good kayak weather but we had lots of fun in the sand and surf. All the color changing beach toys worked fabulously and endlessly entertained me. My boys begged to kayak and my husband convinced me to join them without a life jacket. That lasted about 10 feet into the water then I got scared, made us turn around, barely contained my screams and was proven correct in my irrational fears when we all tipped (in 2 inches of water...but still we tipped) I know you all would have been stoked on such an epic ride too, but I'm glad you weren't there to watch or join in!

After that excitement, we headed to the BBQ and pool with some of the family. It was a sad night and impossible to ignore the stresses of life but my sons and the visitors all enjoyed themselves and we tried to keep the focus on the celebrating of the 30th birthday which is very exciting. The day began with ice cream so it was only fitting that we ended it with ice cream pie. Have you ever seen or tasted ice cream pie? You should. It's yummy and I am going to start making it so I can pretend I'm fancy. Yeah, it's awesome.

To my dear friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope we have lots more birthdays together in the years to come. You are an outstanding 30 year old!

Today we had waffles for breakfast made by the one and only dear husband of mine. They were so fluffy I could die (thanks Despicable Me for that line, I use it often) and I am so glad he made them. The rest of the day was shopping and more shopping. We knocked out our weekly shopping list and then some and the friends bought enough presents to make sure the whole of Montana knows that they love them (they did well with their island finds, I was impressed!!) Ended the day with chili and rice (because in Hawaii we have everything with rice) and Americas Got Talent.

Hope your weekend was at least as fun and productive as mine. Have a great week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I lost 3 days and became a walking advertisement

Wow! Time seriously flies. I meant to write everyday about the adventures of summer.

Turns out summer is exhausting and walking down the stairs to where my laptop was located was just too much for me.

As was typing a blog on my phone.

So instead I chose complete technological silence on all activities for 3 days.

I know you're sad, but don't stress, I'll totally catch you up :)

So, Wednesday was Baby Beach, an outstandingly relaxing and enjoyable day. Thursday was a lazy morning. It's been so long since I experienced that. A day where we could take our time getting dressed, eating breakfast. Even our chores were done without malice or death threats of any kind.

It was sort of magical.

As for the activity we did that morning, I have already forgotten. Apparently it was less magical then sitting on my butt was. I don't choose my memories guys, they just happen.

Whatever this unmagical time was exhausted us and I do remember that my 3 sons all needed naps. So I put them all to bed in a staggered fashion hoping that it would mean they would all sleep.

Well, sleep they did!

I scheduled an hour (disclaimer: I schedule everything!) for sleeping. 4 hrs later I was scrambling to change plans, accomodate for the fact that my child might never wake up from his asthma induced hell that had now turned into a mini coma and deal with the fact that I had zero chance of making all 5 other adults plus the 2 awake kids in my house happy with whatever the new plan was).

So, I bowed out gracefully, hollering to one and all the the bus it to Lahaina trip was not happening. Then I took the genius route and let my younger twin decide where we would eat dinner and what we do for an early evening activity. He chose Panda Express picnic and cardboard sledding upcountry.

So that's what we did.

It was glorious.

Cool weather with beautiful sunshine. I only got lost once for a little while (I can spend hours getting lost upcountry). I blame my husband as the directions he left me were, "take the main road" and he was very frustrated that didn't work for me. He angrily googled it for me and I stared at the map but apparently it didn't sink in, so lost was what we were.

Oh well.

Rice Park was fun. I never found the sweet spot that makes cardboard sledding uber speedy and exciting but there were lots of little runs that produced giant laughs. The best was when my friend and my younger twin added an escape hatch to their sled in case one of them fell out. Then my son did fall out, into the escape hatch, and my friends sled pushed the escape sled all the way down.

Those ideas never work!!!

Except this time it did :)

Like I said, it was glorious. Back down the mountain for rootbeer floats and board games at home.

A day well done.

Friday, well Friday was almost too good to talk about.

It started with signing up for a timeshare presentation so you knew it was going to be a good day. Then I got to hang out with my best friend on Maui, my best friend from Montana and her best friend. It was confusing, but in a fun way. We went to the sugar cane train with 4 kids. My youngest wore his railroad stripe overalls and I bought the hat and scarf and whistle set at the train station which he then dutifully wore until I pried it off of him. Soooooooooo cute!! The train was outstanding, as always, and we had a lot of fun with cameras. If you are my facebook friend you'll see those soon. I think my oldest is going to be a photographer, he really gets into it and he not half bad.

After the train we parted with best friend 1 and best friend 2 and other friend and I headed to Kaanapali with my little ones trailing behind.

We ate, we shopped, we museumed and we beached.

My kids are rockstars which means everyone stops them to take pictures and they only misbehave when they think it will help their image. Or it means that they really stepped it up in the behavior department and made me burst with pride that they did not expose themselves in public or destroy any pricey ridiculous items forcing me to buy them.

Good job boys!

The shops we went to were outstanding. The Croc store is always a must stop for us and my boys got their new school shoes, pat on the back to myself that we checked off a to do list item while having staycation fun!

We went to a vintage logo shop where they could tell you the story behind every logo on every shirt, hat, sticker etc... I learned more in 5 minutes than I sometimes learn in 5 days, how sweet is that? I fell in love with an expensive bag that I don't need and would only use if I had a baby and needed to haul baby stuff.

So, I'm having a baby just so I can buy the crazy expensive bag that I can't stop dreaming about. We all have to make sacrifices, I'm just doing my part.

(just kidding, I'm not pregnant. But I do want the bag. And I did contemplate getting pregnant just so I could have it)

Finally we stopped in at a store where everything is color changing!!!!

Did you hear me?

I'm not sure you understand how epically amazing that is.

Things start out white and turn color in the sun!!!

Hypercolor eat your heart out!!

As you can tell, I got a little giddy in this store and my sucker side took over. That store took me for all I had and then some. I am currently sporting color changing polish on my toes, a color changing flower in my hair, a color changing tote bag sits next to me and there's a bag of color changing beach toys in the trunk of my car. Like I said, I walked in with sucker written all over me, handed them my wallet and walked out happy as a clam. Del Sol officially rocks and I am going to buy more.

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but you know I don't like to put labels on things.

We ended up at the beach with it's crashing shore break. My sons happily got pummelled, my friends cliff jumped off black rock and I saved 5 pairs of shoes and 2 cameras from getting swept out to sea. It was nice, veeeeeeery nice.

Ended the evening back in town with a free movie.

That's right, I said FREE!!

Have you ever heard of Living Social?

They have the awesome commercials where the people are constantly going from one fun experience to the next all while saving money. Well, my friend posted on Facebook that you could get cheap movie tickets from them. I figured I could trust him so I clicked on the link. Turns out, it got my husband and myself each 2 free movie tickets (we saved $44) plus now we're signed up to hear about all the good deals in our area. I am officially a Living Social fan now. Woohoo!!

Now this post is getting too long. I just have too much to write about I suppose. Imagine if I also discussed the daily chores, errands, food, fights and familial stresses? You'd be reading for days. Good thing I edit my thoughts :)

You can thank me later. For now just sit back in anticipation and await my next stunning staycation entry.

Have a great Sunday folks!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

What kind of beach person are you?

I am not a beach person. It's a lot of work to prep for and a lot of cleanup after. It's hot and it's sandy and I'm a little scared of the ocean. If you have suggestions for how I could like the beach more please share, I love suggestions.

However, my oldest son hearts the beach with all his well, heart. So I promised him we'd go at least once a week this summer. 2 weeks in and so far so good. Of course my best friend hearts the beach too so he is probably going to get even more beach than promised for this month.

But not for more than two hours at a time. I have to set my limits after all.

Yesterday we hit up baby beach (it's in Paia or Spreckelsville depending on who you ask) I always say Paia baby beach. It is one of my son and I's favorite beaches.

For a long time though, I didn't know it was a beach.

You see I was going through a rock stealing stage (what?!? I needed them for my garden) and it was awkward to steal in front of others or lug heavy rocks long distances. So my darling husband introduced me to baby beach (except he didn't call it baby beach but just said he knew a place in spreckelsville) where you could park your car on the sand next to the rocks and no one would view the rocky deviants.

It was a match made in heaven.

I took several island visitors here to walk on the rocks, look in the tide pools, enjoy the red dirt and pretty view.

Then one day, as I stood on a rock looking at the ocean, I turned my head to the right and there it was, an awesome beach!! I promptly planned to take my kids there. Then a friend invited us and I discovered this beach I loved had a name, such outstandingly helpful news!!

Now we got often (this means more than once a year) You have to go early because those gale force winds sand blast in the afternoon and while exfoliation is good sandpapering your sunburned body is not. I'm picky like that.

So, that's where we went yesterday with some lovely friends to have a lovely time. It's an outstanding walking beach (I never get to walk because I am always watching my kids who need to dig or swim but never walk on a beach) which is very important to me. It has tide pools and this amazing rocky area where all the kids (9 of them between 3 amazing moms) spent most of their time catching amazing fish (puffer fish - check, crazy looking shrimp - check, pipipi's - check). The water feels nice and is clear so you can see fish swimming around you. It has an exposed reef so there is a shallow area where my kids could explore freely (but don't because I'm a neurotic mess that sticks to them like glue). There is no bathroom (but don't worry, I taught my sons and my houseguest/friends how to use the ocean as a bathroom) no showers and no shade, but still I like it.

Today was especially fun.

My friends daughters made a fort in the trees along the back side of the beach and carried large sticks around while sporting flourescent swimsuits. I took pictures and was just in awe of how happy it made me to watch and listen to them as they harnessed their creativity and made their own world. This is a true desire of my heart for my children and to see it in action gave me hope that kids still can play in this way and pride that my children participated and that they have friends that initiate this sort of play. All I can say is one big YEAH!!! My other friends sons are fearless and got my picky picky son to catch and touch fish so a big HOORAY goes out to them too!!

After that we went to granola land, oops, I meant Paia. We ate yummy yummy flatbread and sat in a huge booth in front of a huge window so that while we ate we were on display for all the passerbys.

I'm not going to lie, I liked it.

I think people should want to watch me eat more often and that from now on I should be placed prominently in all restaurants.

Cause I'm cool like that.

Then we wandered the little shops, most of which I have never been in. I tried on floppy beach hats but I still haven't found the perfect one. It must be worthy of Audrey Hepburn after all, and they just weren't. I bought my sons a bamboo xylophone and we carried it through all the stores and all my boys wanted to be my walking partner cause I had the cool toy and we entertained many bored shop owners with our melodies. It was a random purchase and something I would generally not say yes too but I was convinced I was getting a good deal and it caused so much joy that it just happened.

Finally, we went to a surf shop with the most amazing feeling shorts (I think they were Hurley?) they were also adorable and very small. Small equals not my size, but I tried to convince my smaller houseguest that she needed them. $29 for shorts just didn't sell her on it but I stood feeling the fabric for an embarrassingly long time. Now I'm reflecting and it's probably good she didn't buy them. My need to touch that material was so strong that I probably would have been petting her inappropriately. Guess she made a good call!

Then we rested and had a fun friends and family sort of night (but not it that Verizon kind of way).

I heart summer!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Around the island

So my best friend and her best friend (I know it sounds weird but just roll with it) are visiting my island for the month. I love me some staycation action so my boys and I made a list of 75 fun things to do. We're trying to pick a few each day. I am going to attempt to tell you about each day of fun so that someday I can reread this and remember what happened (you know, like next month when I am whining that I didn't do anything this summer because I've already forgotten all the June fun) It will also be a fun way to avoid the stressful discussions of the harder parts of life (i.e. brain tumors, divorce etc...)

You already know about the first day and all of its purple puke filled glory. We are still on chill out mode as my soon recovers from the depths of asthma hell so it's minimal activity and lots of at home fun.

Yesterday we walked the boardwalk that is a five minute drive from the house. Kids were very disappointed we couldn't find dead fish, but the live birds were fun too. We left the hg's (houseguests/friends) at the beach for a couple of hours while we ran errands. As we were leaving the park a guy and his friend flagged me down, I thought, to ask a question. Instead they asked for a ride.

It was awkward.

I don't pick up hitchhikers.

But I had already stopped and they could see I had room. I made a swift decision that anyone who would kill or rob a lady with 3 kids in the car would attack whether I picked them up or not so I said yes and started silently praying. They wreaked of beer at 11am and we drove silently for the 5 minutes it took me to drop them off on the south side.

We all arrived alive.

I thanked Jesus, checked my children and my purse to make sure all was safe and learned a valuable lesson. If you need a ride somewhere, pose like you have a question. Once the person has stopped to help it will be much harder for them to say no to your ride request. People that just thumb it are stupid for not using this skill. Glad I had this moment so I can now educate everyone.

We ran our errand, which was going to the grocery store for the 3rd time in a week, which made me cry a little inside, and headed home to drop off the groceries. I lost my car keys while putting away groceries and finally found a spare key and frazzedly showed up with lunch 20 minutes late. Then we had a beautiful picnic, and by beautiful I mean gale force winds blowing lettuce in your face and chasing napkins like the earth would die if they touched the ground, sort of beautiful. I know how to make a visit special.

Finally we took the hg's on the rest of my errands. This meant returning items at several stores and a stop at the bank. I know, boring information right? But well, I live in Hawaii and that means you will want to come visit me at some point. Forewarned is forearmed so I just want to make sure you fully understand the fun you're getting into when you come to see me.

Or maybe it's just all making sense now as to why no one ever comes to see me?


I live my life and love when others join in. I'm obviously not good at changing it to accomodate others however.

It is what it is.

Finally headed home and watched a movie and ate a dinner. All in all a good day considering asthma hell and me quelching the natural mom panic that normally ensues with a visit to asthma hell.

Today we attempt the beach for a little bit and grandma and grandpas house. Like I said folks, we are thrilling hosts!

Come visit anytime :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Purple puke is positive"

That is a line that I uttered today.

I just wrote a long post explaining everything blah, blah, blah about my day but then I erased it. I think what you need is a highlights reel, so here goes.

Got up at 6am after going to sleep at 3am, felt super refreshed! Child screamed every 3 hrs during night, kept me mentally refreshed.

Spent from 6am to 8am panicking that my son might stop breathing and trying to figure out what to do with my other kids and how to pick up friends at the airport while getting him to the dr. where I didn't know how our new insurance would work out.

Spent 3 hours at Dr. office.

Also spent 3 hours freaking out that I had left the cleaning of my house to the last minute and that now my houseguests/friends that were coming were going to see not just my messy house, but my utterly horrifying, possibly dangerous and very smelly version of what my house should never ever be. Felt super special and sure I was one of the people Martha Stewart tries to "save"

Picked up houseguest/friends and rushed them to Costco for pudding. Everyone's favorite island activity right? Costco stopped carrying pudding. Pouted and stomped through store. Fed sick child a berry smoothie, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Picked up other 2 kids and headed home so houseguest/friends could spend a thrilling first day watching my son vomit purple berry smoothie all over my front porch. Made everyone stand in yard while I hosed down porch and child. Welcome to Maui!

Made houseguest/friends watch childrens movies so I could get rid of some of my horrid guilt and start the cleaning process that my home so desperately needed while they cared for sick child plus other two. They folded my laundry. Other people have never done that for me before. It was awkward and helpful and made me realize how scary frazzled I must have looked. Do you let other people touch your underwear? See! Special moment right there.

Forgot to feed my kids, missed my chance to take hosueguest/friends to the beach on their first day, fed my child horribly inappropriate foods because I forgot he had an upset stomach, made him take nasty medicine and due to one or the other made him puke again, all over my upstairs hallway.

Then I needed to get my kids to bed and just be done with the day but I had moved their rooms and they had no beds so darling husband had to build beds and I had to help while controlling possible vomit moments and 3 kids run amok. You can imagine how amazingly successful I was in all of these areas.

Also, the dog puked and I got to clean that too. She ate a toy and it didn't agree with her. Or she was secretly trying to break me. The world may never know.

Finally got everyone in bed and ran away for some Time for B (this time involved pretzels, most good times involve pretzels). Came home and realized I have to sanitize the bathroom because well...puke is gross. Banned all household members and visitors from the bathroom so I could postpone this duty til morning. I am very responsible and a great role model in case your curious.

Went to check on my 3 sons in their new room and smacked my youngest in the head when I opened the door because apparently that was the best spot to sleep.

Now I am blogging and praying to never relive this day ever! Also mentally prepping for more dr. visits tomorrow and excited for things to get better so I can enjoy my month of island adventures with some of my favorite people.

It's the end of the day and I am smiling so today was a success. Now for tomorrow...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cardigans 101

So, cardigans are my new thing. I have previously mentioned that I am a collector, when I get excited about something I need it all. In this case, it's cardigans. I'm not crazy, I realize I can't have every cardigan in the world, so I've settled for every color. It's practical, I promise I have justified needs for each and every cardigan purchase. But I can't tell you what they are, it's secret :)

Cardigans are awesome because they remind me of my grandpa, hide the whole tire tummy syndrome (well mostly hide) and can be taken on and off easily to help your body adjust to temperature changes. They also have lots with extra cute buttons, flowers, embroidery that's fun too.

Cardigans also have a dark side. They apparently make me look fat (someone asked my sister if I lost weight or if I just usually looked heavier because I always wear sweaters), they remind me of my grandpa because they are mostly worn by older people (although my dentist did give me a talk about getting older so maybe I fit that category) and they do not look casual (I like looking casually put together, isn't it a pleasant turn of phrase?)

Today I reached the point where I had done none of my laundry (I did my sons and the household laundry so stop judging) for almost a month and the clothing options were very limited. It also happened to be the day when I had the chance to meet a bunch of people from my husbands new a sporting event. You know, a great place to look casually put together.

In my mad dash search for something appropriate I ended up in faded yoga pants, a tshirt guessed it...a cardigan. I look seriously inappropriate for a softball game. I'm that person who has no idea how to dress and just looks odd and out of place...oh joy. The chipped toenail polish that matches the sweater really adds to the look and makes it pop, or so I keep telling myself in an effort to stay positive. But, it was this or a dress, and even I know that I shouldn't wear a dress to a softball game.

So wish me luck, it's the best I could come up with. Here I go to meet new people, harness my children in a sporting complex, cheer for my husband who may not make it through the game before collapsing and laugh at strangers jokes while not drinking beer that I need to go purchase.

And I'll be doing it all in a bright turquoise cardigan!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

100th Post!

That's right, it is officially my 100th blog! Now as you begin to party all night long in celebration of this momentous occasion please keep it safe people, keep it safe.

I have so many funny stories to share (summer started so life just got seriously interesting!) but I feel like I am supposed to do something different for my 100th blog, so in true Time for B fashion, I am going to spend the whole blog talking about myself. You'll know a lot more about me by the time we're done, for better or for worse.

So here goes: 100 things you love/hate about B:

1. I love to share
2. I share WAY too much

3. I have a lot of knowledge
4. I don't often cite my sources because a lot of my knowledge comes from television

5. My favorite color is yellow, especially pale yellow
6. I strongly dislike purple

7. I am a good public speaker
8. I talk way too loud in private conversations, I lack volume control

9. I love karaoke
10. But only at home, not in a public place unless someone goes with me

11. I am an idea person
12. My follow through on my great ideas sucks

13. I love to hike
14. I whine while hiking

15. I learned to swim when I was 18
16. I still can't put my face under water for more than like a second, even in the shower

17. I'm a happy helper
18. Even when you don't want my help

19. I have a love affair with carbohydrates (bring me bread and I'll be your friend forever)
20. I am the worlds pickiest eater and should never be invited to dinner

21. I am caring and will always listen to your stresses
22. I am nosy and will always poke and prod to discover your stresses

23. I call everything an adventure
24. My adventures are usually carefully planned and executed, therfor not very adventuresome

25. I am the most reliable designated driver ever
26. I get lost or drive the wrong way to places I know well on a regular basis

27. I love to play board games
28. I cheat and help others while playing board games

29. I love children
30. I do not like babies

31. I love to laugh with my children
32. I also laugh at my children

33. I am very friendly if you talk to me first
34. I am not good at starting conversations with people

35. I love to talk
36. I have a hard time shutting up

37. I love when things match
38. I get a little freaky when things don't match (i.e. anxious, upset, hysterical)

39. I am always honest about my opinions
40. Be careful when you ask my opinion

41. I listen well
42. I forget half of what I hear

43. I love to read
44. When I read the rest of the world fades away, meaning I ignore everything and everyone

45. I love to say yes
46. I am not always reliable to follow through with what I promise

47. I have a natural glow
48. I am the sweatiest person you will ever meet

49. I have a personal relationship with God
50. Sometimes I forget to include God in my daily life

Oh my goodness this is exhausting and we're only halfway through!! If it's exhausting for me to write than it must be terrifying for you to read. I'll save the other half of this list for another monumental blogging moment.

I will end todays post by telling you that I successfully ignored my children for 80 minutes and 32 seconds (according to hulu's show timer thingy) and watched ABC family's "Make it or Break it." I got so into it that I gasped out loud when a car accident happened in the show. I felt "special" and was glad no one saw me.

Now one of my sons is sick, one needs pumpkin pie, 2 pieces of paper and something to color with, one has gone AWOL and my dog needs to be trained to stop digging holes in my yard and I'm supposed to be ready for the beach in 5 minutes and I have a Lowes trip to make to redo some flooring and put up new trim and window coverings and I desperately want to figure out time for a bike ride today. So yeah, I should probably stop blogging.

Happy 100th Time for B blog!