Thursday, June 2, 2011

100th Post!

That's right, it is officially my 100th blog! Now as you begin to party all night long in celebration of this momentous occasion please keep it safe people, keep it safe.

I have so many funny stories to share (summer started so life just got seriously interesting!) but I feel like I am supposed to do something different for my 100th blog, so in true Time for B fashion, I am going to spend the whole blog talking about myself. You'll know a lot more about me by the time we're done, for better or for worse.

So here goes: 100 things you love/hate about B:

1. I love to share
2. I share WAY too much

3. I have a lot of knowledge
4. I don't often cite my sources because a lot of my knowledge comes from television

5. My favorite color is yellow, especially pale yellow
6. I strongly dislike purple

7. I am a good public speaker
8. I talk way too loud in private conversations, I lack volume control

9. I love karaoke
10. But only at home, not in a public place unless someone goes with me

11. I am an idea person
12. My follow through on my great ideas sucks

13. I love to hike
14. I whine while hiking

15. I learned to swim when I was 18
16. I still can't put my face under water for more than like a second, even in the shower

17. I'm a happy helper
18. Even when you don't want my help

19. I have a love affair with carbohydrates (bring me bread and I'll be your friend forever)
20. I am the worlds pickiest eater and should never be invited to dinner

21. I am caring and will always listen to your stresses
22. I am nosy and will always poke and prod to discover your stresses

23. I call everything an adventure
24. My adventures are usually carefully planned and executed, therfor not very adventuresome

25. I am the most reliable designated driver ever
26. I get lost or drive the wrong way to places I know well on a regular basis

27. I love to play board games
28. I cheat and help others while playing board games

29. I love children
30. I do not like babies

31. I love to laugh with my children
32. I also laugh at my children

33. I am very friendly if you talk to me first
34. I am not good at starting conversations with people

35. I love to talk
36. I have a hard time shutting up

37. I love when things match
38. I get a little freaky when things don't match (i.e. anxious, upset, hysterical)

39. I am always honest about my opinions
40. Be careful when you ask my opinion

41. I listen well
42. I forget half of what I hear

43. I love to read
44. When I read the rest of the world fades away, meaning I ignore everything and everyone

45. I love to say yes
46. I am not always reliable to follow through with what I promise

47. I have a natural glow
48. I am the sweatiest person you will ever meet

49. I have a personal relationship with God
50. Sometimes I forget to include God in my daily life

Oh my goodness this is exhausting and we're only halfway through!! If it's exhausting for me to write than it must be terrifying for you to read. I'll save the other half of this list for another monumental blogging moment.

I will end todays post by telling you that I successfully ignored my children for 80 minutes and 32 seconds (according to hulu's show timer thingy) and watched ABC family's "Make it or Break it." I got so into it that I gasped out loud when a car accident happened in the show. I felt "special" and was glad no one saw me.

Now one of my sons is sick, one needs pumpkin pie, 2 pieces of paper and something to color with, one has gone AWOL and my dog needs to be trained to stop digging holes in my yard and I'm supposed to be ready for the beach in 5 minutes and I have a Lowes trip to make to redo some flooring and put up new trim and window coverings and I desperately want to figure out time for a bike ride today. So yeah, I should probably stop blogging.

Happy 100th Time for B blog!

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