Friday, June 3, 2011

Cardigans 101

So, cardigans are my new thing. I have previously mentioned that I am a collector, when I get excited about something I need it all. In this case, it's cardigans. I'm not crazy, I realize I can't have every cardigan in the world, so I've settled for every color. It's practical, I promise I have justified needs for each and every cardigan purchase. But I can't tell you what they are, it's secret :)

Cardigans are awesome because they remind me of my grandpa, hide the whole tire tummy syndrome (well mostly hide) and can be taken on and off easily to help your body adjust to temperature changes. They also have lots with extra cute buttons, flowers, embroidery that's fun too.

Cardigans also have a dark side. They apparently make me look fat (someone asked my sister if I lost weight or if I just usually looked heavier because I always wear sweaters), they remind me of my grandpa because they are mostly worn by older people (although my dentist did give me a talk about getting older so maybe I fit that category) and they do not look casual (I like looking casually put together, isn't it a pleasant turn of phrase?)

Today I reached the point where I had done none of my laundry (I did my sons and the household laundry so stop judging) for almost a month and the clothing options were very limited. It also happened to be the day when I had the chance to meet a bunch of people from my husbands new a sporting event. You know, a great place to look casually put together.

In my mad dash search for something appropriate I ended up in faded yoga pants, a tshirt guessed it...a cardigan. I look seriously inappropriate for a softball game. I'm that person who has no idea how to dress and just looks odd and out of place...oh joy. The chipped toenail polish that matches the sweater really adds to the look and makes it pop, or so I keep telling myself in an effort to stay positive. But, it was this or a dress, and even I know that I shouldn't wear a dress to a softball game.

So wish me luck, it's the best I could come up with. Here I go to meet new people, harness my children in a sporting complex, cheer for my husband who may not make it through the game before collapsing and laugh at strangers jokes while not drinking beer that I need to go purchase.

And I'll be doing it all in a bright turquoise cardigan!

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