Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Purple puke is positive"

That is a line that I uttered today.

I just wrote a long post explaining everything blah, blah, blah about my day but then I erased it. I think what you need is a highlights reel, so here goes.

Got up at 6am after going to sleep at 3am, felt super refreshed! Child screamed every 3 hrs during night, kept me mentally refreshed.

Spent from 6am to 8am panicking that my son might stop breathing and trying to figure out what to do with my other kids and how to pick up friends at the airport while getting him to the dr. where I didn't know how our new insurance would work out.

Spent 3 hours at Dr. office.

Also spent 3 hours freaking out that I had left the cleaning of my house to the last minute and that now my houseguests/friends that were coming were going to see not just my messy house, but my utterly horrifying, possibly dangerous and very smelly version of what my house should never ever be. Felt super special and sure I was one of the people Martha Stewart tries to "save"

Picked up houseguest/friends and rushed them to Costco for pudding. Everyone's favorite island activity right? Costco stopped carrying pudding. Pouted and stomped through store. Fed sick child a berry smoothie, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Picked up other 2 kids and headed home so houseguest/friends could spend a thrilling first day watching my son vomit purple berry smoothie all over my front porch. Made everyone stand in yard while I hosed down porch and child. Welcome to Maui!

Made houseguest/friends watch childrens movies so I could get rid of some of my horrid guilt and start the cleaning process that my home so desperately needed while they cared for sick child plus other two. They folded my laundry. Other people have never done that for me before. It was awkward and helpful and made me realize how scary frazzled I must have looked. Do you let other people touch your underwear? See! Special moment right there.

Forgot to feed my kids, missed my chance to take hosueguest/friends to the beach on their first day, fed my child horribly inappropriate foods because I forgot he had an upset stomach, made him take nasty medicine and due to one or the other made him puke again, all over my upstairs hallway.

Then I needed to get my kids to bed and just be done with the day but I had moved their rooms and they had no beds so darling husband had to build beds and I had to help while controlling possible vomit moments and 3 kids run amok. You can imagine how amazingly successful I was in all of these areas.

Also, the dog puked and I got to clean that too. She ate a toy and it didn't agree with her. Or she was secretly trying to break me. The world may never know.

Finally got everyone in bed and ran away for some Time for B (this time involved pretzels, most good times involve pretzels). Came home and realized I have to sanitize the bathroom because well...puke is gross. Banned all household members and visitors from the bathroom so I could postpone this duty til morning. I am very responsible and a great role model in case your curious.

Went to check on my 3 sons in their new room and smacked my youngest in the head when I opened the door because apparently that was the best spot to sleep.

Now I am blogging and praying to never relive this day ever! Also mentally prepping for more dr. visits tomorrow and excited for things to get better so I can enjoy my month of island adventures with some of my favorite people.

It's the end of the day and I am smiling so today was a success. Now for tomorrow...

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