Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Around the island

So my best friend and her best friend (I know it sounds weird but just roll with it) are visiting my island for the month. I love me some staycation action so my boys and I made a list of 75 fun things to do. We're trying to pick a few each day. I am going to attempt to tell you about each day of fun so that someday I can reread this and remember what happened (you know, like next month when I am whining that I didn't do anything this summer because I've already forgotten all the June fun) It will also be a fun way to avoid the stressful discussions of the harder parts of life (i.e. brain tumors, divorce etc...)

You already know about the first day and all of its purple puke filled glory. We are still on chill out mode as my soon recovers from the depths of asthma hell so it's minimal activity and lots of at home fun.

Yesterday we walked the boardwalk that is a five minute drive from the house. Kids were very disappointed we couldn't find dead fish, but the live birds were fun too. We left the hg's (houseguests/friends) at the beach for a couple of hours while we ran errands. As we were leaving the park a guy and his friend flagged me down, I thought, to ask a question. Instead they asked for a ride.

It was awkward.

I don't pick up hitchhikers.

But I had already stopped and they could see I had room. I made a swift decision that anyone who would kill or rob a lady with 3 kids in the car would attack whether I picked them up or not so I said yes and started silently praying. They wreaked of beer at 11am and we drove silently for the 5 minutes it took me to drop them off on the south side.

We all arrived alive.

I thanked Jesus, checked my children and my purse to make sure all was safe and learned a valuable lesson. If you need a ride somewhere, pose like you have a question. Once the person has stopped to help it will be much harder for them to say no to your ride request. People that just thumb it are stupid for not using this skill. Glad I had this moment so I can now educate everyone.

We ran our errand, which was going to the grocery store for the 3rd time in a week, which made me cry a little inside, and headed home to drop off the groceries. I lost my car keys while putting away groceries and finally found a spare key and frazzedly showed up with lunch 20 minutes late. Then we had a beautiful picnic, and by beautiful I mean gale force winds blowing lettuce in your face and chasing napkins like the earth would die if they touched the ground, sort of beautiful. I know how to make a visit special.

Finally we took the hg's on the rest of my errands. This meant returning items at several stores and a stop at the bank. I know, boring information right? But well, I live in Hawaii and that means you will want to come visit me at some point. Forewarned is forearmed so I just want to make sure you fully understand the fun you're getting into when you come to see me.

Or maybe it's just all making sense now as to why no one ever comes to see me?


I live my life and love when others join in. I'm obviously not good at changing it to accomodate others however.

It is what it is.

Finally headed home and watched a movie and ate a dinner. All in all a good day considering asthma hell and me quelching the natural mom panic that normally ensues with a visit to asthma hell.

Today we attempt the beach for a little bit and grandma and grandpas house. Like I said folks, we are thrilling hosts!

Come visit anytime :)

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