Friday, May 27, 2011

It finally happened!

I've been so mired down that my daily dose of funny has not even helped me too crack a smile lately. I live in a whirlwind and trust me it gets interesting everyday but I just haven't been able to focus.

Until Wednesday. It finally happened. Things got funny up in this joint!

Wednesday was my twins 2nd to last day of school and my preschoolers last day and graduation. The twins and I went to the pool after school and I wore my new swimsuit. Forgot that whole bit about testing it (or even trying it on) before using something new in a public place. This fact was very evident as I walked around the pool holding myself in in several key areas of my personage. Shifting, tugging and pulling became masterful moves and I never actually got brave enough to try swimming in the pool (I walked in it and played ring around the rosy in it however).

Also, I forgot sunblock. I don't usually need much and I usually keep it in my car but I think it might have been at least two months since I had braved the outside world so my skin got a little sensitive which means I got a little burned. But don't worry, I totally forgot the next day too and made it worse. Cause I'm cool like that!

So we finished our pool adventures and that's when the real amusement began ( see I just shared the other part because I wanted to go all TMI on you). You see at the pool I got out to use the bathroom, then I saw my friend who I rarely get to see so instead of going to use the restroom I went back in the pool to hang out with her. then my kids were having so much fun that I went and joined them again. Then it was time to get out and my sons needed my help getting them into dry clothes. Then the pool was closing and their were still people in the bathroom so I held it again. I got in the car and realized this was not going to work. I started driving (we had a 30 minute drive ahead of us) which turned into me bouncing up and down in my seat speeding towards my house (5 minutes away) and shouting, "I gotta pee, I gotta pee, I'm not going to make it, I'M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!! I roared into my driveway fumbled with the keys and flew into my house sort of making it on time to the bathroom.

Relief, embarrassment and understanding all occurred at this moment. I nag my sons all the time about stopping what they're doing and going to the bathroom. It's apparently interesting to do absolutely anything besides going to the bathroom until you've held it so long that you must run and hope to make it in time. Now I learn that they got this awesome trait from me. :( I allowed myself to get distracted 3 times until I had to change all our plans to accommodate my bathroom needs. Needless to say I can never justifiably chastise them again.

But I will.

Then we got to Kihei and picked up the preschooler. We wasted time going to 10 stores looking for bubbles and sunblock that don't exist and then it was time to pick up my husband from work. Not sure if I shared this yet but my husband started a new job this week.

I know, YEAH!!!

Cue Hallelujah chorus

Except as I was driving into the research and technology park I had a realization, an AH HA! moment.

I had no clue where he worked.

I had just gotten off the phone with him and was too embarrassed to call back except as a last resort so I laughingly told my boys (in that embarrassed slightly stressed and panicked tone) that we were going on a scavengers hunt to find daddy's car. We drove through 4 of the 6 parking lots in the park before we discovered his car and I pulled up beside it. I smuggly called him on the phone and announced in my singsong voice, "we're here!" Oh yeah, proud moment people, proud moment. When he got outside I admitted my epic failure and asked more questions about his great new job so I would never be this clueless again.

Finally, we headed towards preschool graduation. Have you ever been to one? They are sickeningly adorable, the cuteness is hard to handle. My sons was at a fancy schmancy hotel and he wore a cap and gown (which his brothers kept calling a dress and which he couldn't see his hands in while wearing). I was sitting in the front and the kids entered from the back. I was wondering when he would be coming out when I realized that there was a blank spot in the line. I quickly deduced that the blank spot was my son, who is too short to be seen behind the chairs, and awaited his arrival. he proudly bounced up the aisle got his diploma and was cutely baffled at how to stand and who to look at while having his picture taken. There was more cuteness in bible verse recitations, songs, dances (my son almost falling asleep on stage because his bedtime is 7 and it was 8 already) and the cutest video of the preschoolers year together. Afterwards many friends handed out leis and presents to their friends (we dropped the ball on this one, I always forget that everyone gives presents for everything here) and we tried to take a family picture without 60 other people in the shot. The evening was coming to a close, success!

But oh wait, I said success too soon. Let's not forget that it was now past all my boys bedtime. The oldest decided that he was attention deprived and the world was against him because his brother got leis and presents and he didn't. Screaming, crying and stomping we ended our day dragging him out of the fancy schmancy hotel. You know, just standard stuff that makes a momma proud (or ruins a memorable moment depending on how you look at it)

Then we had airport adventures, but that story is someone elses too tell. So let's just say the day still had a lot left and it stayed entertaining to the last possible moment.

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  1. So of course I love your description of the graduation....Sorry, I think I was one of the people that kept getting in the way of your family photo. Sure....Toben happened to be standing in line next to my daughter....she is so tall that it likely made him look even smaller...but Toben made a big impression on Carter!
    By the way, Heather McComas was the person who informed me of the tradition of giving a lei to all the kids in the graduation. Of course, Carter got a couple of them too....and he and his sister still fought over them at home!