Sunday, June 12, 2011

I lost 3 days and became a walking advertisement

Wow! Time seriously flies. I meant to write everyday about the adventures of summer.

Turns out summer is exhausting and walking down the stairs to where my laptop was located was just too much for me.

As was typing a blog on my phone.

So instead I chose complete technological silence on all activities for 3 days.

I know you're sad, but don't stress, I'll totally catch you up :)

So, Wednesday was Baby Beach, an outstandingly relaxing and enjoyable day. Thursday was a lazy morning. It's been so long since I experienced that. A day where we could take our time getting dressed, eating breakfast. Even our chores were done without malice or death threats of any kind.

It was sort of magical.

As for the activity we did that morning, I have already forgotten. Apparently it was less magical then sitting on my butt was. I don't choose my memories guys, they just happen.

Whatever this unmagical time was exhausted us and I do remember that my 3 sons all needed naps. So I put them all to bed in a staggered fashion hoping that it would mean they would all sleep.

Well, sleep they did!

I scheduled an hour (disclaimer: I schedule everything!) for sleeping. 4 hrs later I was scrambling to change plans, accomodate for the fact that my child might never wake up from his asthma induced hell that had now turned into a mini coma and deal with the fact that I had zero chance of making all 5 other adults plus the 2 awake kids in my house happy with whatever the new plan was).

So, I bowed out gracefully, hollering to one and all the the bus it to Lahaina trip was not happening. Then I took the genius route and let my younger twin decide where we would eat dinner and what we do for an early evening activity. He chose Panda Express picnic and cardboard sledding upcountry.

So that's what we did.

It was glorious.

Cool weather with beautiful sunshine. I only got lost once for a little while (I can spend hours getting lost upcountry). I blame my husband as the directions he left me were, "take the main road" and he was very frustrated that didn't work for me. He angrily googled it for me and I stared at the map but apparently it didn't sink in, so lost was what we were.

Oh well.

Rice Park was fun. I never found the sweet spot that makes cardboard sledding uber speedy and exciting but there were lots of little runs that produced giant laughs. The best was when my friend and my younger twin added an escape hatch to their sled in case one of them fell out. Then my son did fall out, into the escape hatch, and my friends sled pushed the escape sled all the way down.

Those ideas never work!!!

Except this time it did :)

Like I said, it was glorious. Back down the mountain for rootbeer floats and board games at home.

A day well done.

Friday, well Friday was almost too good to talk about.

It started with signing up for a timeshare presentation so you knew it was going to be a good day. Then I got to hang out with my best friend on Maui, my best friend from Montana and her best friend. It was confusing, but in a fun way. We went to the sugar cane train with 4 kids. My youngest wore his railroad stripe overalls and I bought the hat and scarf and whistle set at the train station which he then dutifully wore until I pried it off of him. Soooooooooo cute!! The train was outstanding, as always, and we had a lot of fun with cameras. If you are my facebook friend you'll see those soon. I think my oldest is going to be a photographer, he really gets into it and he not half bad.

After the train we parted with best friend 1 and best friend 2 and other friend and I headed to Kaanapali with my little ones trailing behind.

We ate, we shopped, we museumed and we beached.

My kids are rockstars which means everyone stops them to take pictures and they only misbehave when they think it will help their image. Or it means that they really stepped it up in the behavior department and made me burst with pride that they did not expose themselves in public or destroy any pricey ridiculous items forcing me to buy them.

Good job boys!

The shops we went to were outstanding. The Croc store is always a must stop for us and my boys got their new school shoes, pat on the back to myself that we checked off a to do list item while having staycation fun!

We went to a vintage logo shop where they could tell you the story behind every logo on every shirt, hat, sticker etc... I learned more in 5 minutes than I sometimes learn in 5 days, how sweet is that? I fell in love with an expensive bag that I don't need and would only use if I had a baby and needed to haul baby stuff.

So, I'm having a baby just so I can buy the crazy expensive bag that I can't stop dreaming about. We all have to make sacrifices, I'm just doing my part.

(just kidding, I'm not pregnant. But I do want the bag. And I did contemplate getting pregnant just so I could have it)

Finally we stopped in at a store where everything is color changing!!!!

Did you hear me?

I'm not sure you understand how epically amazing that is.

Things start out white and turn color in the sun!!!

Hypercolor eat your heart out!!

As you can tell, I got a little giddy in this store and my sucker side took over. That store took me for all I had and then some. I am currently sporting color changing polish on my toes, a color changing flower in my hair, a color changing tote bag sits next to me and there's a bag of color changing beach toys in the trunk of my car. Like I said, I walked in with sucker written all over me, handed them my wallet and walked out happy as a clam. Del Sol officially rocks and I am going to buy more.

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed but you know I don't like to put labels on things.

We ended up at the beach with it's crashing shore break. My sons happily got pummelled, my friends cliff jumped off black rock and I saved 5 pairs of shoes and 2 cameras from getting swept out to sea. It was nice, veeeeeeery nice.

Ended the evening back in town with a free movie.

That's right, I said FREE!!

Have you ever heard of Living Social?

They have the awesome commercials where the people are constantly going from one fun experience to the next all while saving money. Well, my friend posted on Facebook that you could get cheap movie tickets from them. I figured I could trust him so I clicked on the link. Turns out, it got my husband and myself each 2 free movie tickets (we saved $44) plus now we're signed up to hear about all the good deals in our area. I am officially a Living Social fan now. Woohoo!!

Now this post is getting too long. I just have too much to write about I suppose. Imagine if I also discussed the daily chores, errands, food, fights and familial stresses? You'd be reading for days. Good thing I edit my thoughts :)

You can thank me later. For now just sit back in anticipation and await my next stunning staycation entry.

Have a great Sunday folks!

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