Monday, June 13, 2011

The weekend that happened

I didn't really plan this weekend, it just sort of happened.

I mean that in a good but exhausted way :)

Saturday was my dear friends 30th birthday!!! I know, it's a biggun!! The fact that she chose to spend it with me is pretty ridiculously cool.

We started the day with IHOP.

Mmmmmmm, pancakes.

When we awoke from our food coma (and the 9:30am birthday ice cream sundae they gave her after singing to her loudly) we headed to the swap meet.

Where good deals are found and cheap knockoffs from other countries abound.

I found a giant floppy beach hat, two pairs of slippers and a one of my sons found a watch so our day was extra successful. My friends found a few great steals and seemed pretty satisfied with the experience. It's so hot at our swap meet that we were all melting after so we headed to the beach. A quick stop in Kihei to grab our kayak (yes I, the girl who can barely swim kayaks. believe it.) Then we headed down to Keawakapu. It was not good kayak weather but we had lots of fun in the sand and surf. All the color changing beach toys worked fabulously and endlessly entertained me. My boys begged to kayak and my husband convinced me to join them without a life jacket. That lasted about 10 feet into the water then I got scared, made us turn around, barely contained my screams and was proven correct in my irrational fears when we all tipped (in 2 inches of water...but still we tipped) I know you all would have been stoked on such an epic ride too, but I'm glad you weren't there to watch or join in!

After that excitement, we headed to the BBQ and pool with some of the family. It was a sad night and impossible to ignore the stresses of life but my sons and the visitors all enjoyed themselves and we tried to keep the focus on the celebrating of the 30th birthday which is very exciting. The day began with ice cream so it was only fitting that we ended it with ice cream pie. Have you ever seen or tasted ice cream pie? You should. It's yummy and I am going to start making it so I can pretend I'm fancy. Yeah, it's awesome.

To my dear friend, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope we have lots more birthdays together in the years to come. You are an outstanding 30 year old!

Today we had waffles for breakfast made by the one and only dear husband of mine. They were so fluffy I could die (thanks Despicable Me for that line, I use it often) and I am so glad he made them. The rest of the day was shopping and more shopping. We knocked out our weekly shopping list and then some and the friends bought enough presents to make sure the whole of Montana knows that they love them (they did well with their island finds, I was impressed!!) Ended the day with chili and rice (because in Hawaii we have everything with rice) and Americas Got Talent.

Hope your weekend was at least as fun and productive as mine. Have a great week!

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