Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I heart today

I realize it's teeny bopper and girly to "heart" things but that's how I feel today. That's my disclaimer so that you can now mock me all you wish knowing that I was fully aware of the embarrassing way I chose to explain my feelings towards my day.

I planned a day off. These sorts of days should just happen, but I forget, and they don't, so I planned one. My sons had a little too much excitement on our staycation which led to tear filled moments and hours (also bodily throwing themselves onto floors and furniture, makes a mother proud!). So today we purposefully stayed home. It has been a blissful day of not one tear nor any raised voice (except when they are downstairs and I am upstairs and why walk to where they are when I can shriek? moments)Just my 3 boys dressing up, building toys, playing pretend and happily feeding themselves. Honestly, I've barely talked to them, but I think they like that.

As for me, I cleaned. Happily, merrily, whistle while you work sort of cleaning. I always knew I was just like Snow White! Growing up it was a death sentence to be told I had to clean anything. Now I practically beg for some free alone time so that I can clean. I like organization and cleanliness but I can't get to that place through the chaos. Today I watched silly movies and cleaned. My house is still a mess :) it usually is, but parts are clean and I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. So....SUCCESS! I officially heart cleaning, as long as it's on my terms.

While I'm on the subject of ridiculous feelings that I have towards chores, I should tell you that I almost fell in love with my dirty laundry this week. You see, as I explained in another post, I have not done my laundry for about a month. I was down to only the most embarrassing combos of clothing in my vast wardrobe and my sons were becoming ashamed to be seen with me (and you should see what they wear!!!) I was ready to go spend money we don't have to bolster my sad miserable wardrobe and look like my stunning self again when I had an epiphany. It happened while I was doing laundry and I almost cried out in joy. I have never been so in love with dirty laundry.

The funny thing about not doing laundry (or cleaning your room) for a month is that it eats up all of your wardrobe. As I sorted lights and darks I found items of clothing that I had not see in way too long and got so excited about the many outfits I could wear once they were clean. All was right in the world again and I had my precious clothes back!!! It was better than Christmas! I know I should have known that's where they were, but hey, looks like I missed the boat on that one. The importance of the story is that I figured it out and getting dressed is a happy experience once again. Hazah!

Now I'm off to hug some boys in overalls and make sure they know how much I appreciate the time they gave me today. They rock!

p.s. I'm sure you're dying to hear the staycation wonders of yesterday. Here's the highlights, got screwed by timeshare people - we do not heart Wyndermere properties, had an amazing lunch with just my boys and got tons of stuff prepped for my FIL's return to the island, had a magical sticky time eating shave ice under one of the nations largest banyan trees and managed to prevent my son from crying when the jail was closed and he couldn't visit to get locked up. I love me some Lahaina, it's one of my happy, restful, clear your head space, type of places. Dinner at Da Kitchen made my life complete. A big shout out to the giant YUM! that is their teriyaki beef!

The night ended with a lot of vomit, but whatever. Puke happens.

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