Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dress Up

I did it!!! After more than 6 months of hiding the massive dress up collection that my 3 boys have amassed and threatening and cursing them in my mind whenever they snuck in and touched it, I have finally organized it.

It was a magical moment.

Together the 4 of us decided what would stay and what would go and found a place for everything so that everything is now in its place. Then I threatened them (with a smile on my face to tone down the lightening bolts I was shooting from my eyes) that it would disappear forever if the dress up didn't stay the way that I had just made it look. They promised and the 7 yr olds ran off to more entertaining things. The 4yr old begged and pleaded to dress up immediately which was a wish I was more than happy to grant (seeing as that was the whole point of cleaning it up in the first place).

20 minutes later he was screaming and crying upstairs and I was fairly certain we would be rushing to the emergency room. The oldest twin was sent to check (he's less sqeamish than me when it comes to gross accidents etc...) (this is my justification for not checking on my own child that sounded like he was dying) and it turned out that he had knocked down the closet bar that all the dress up was hanging on.

I guess my threats worked because he was certain that he was in trouble forever and that all his dressup was going to goodwill. Oh well, it was a fun 20 minutes and I will make my organizational wonders a little sturdier next time. Lesson learned.

Now I have to go be a helper because the 4yr old is stomping out of the room throwing his blanket and grumpily announcing, "where are my clothes anyways!?!?!?" in response to, "it's almost 2 o'clock and you really need to wear more than just your superman underwear."

Loving life is what I'm doing, loving life. :)

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