Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feel like I should say something

I usually blog very semi regularly (that's a real thing, right?) but this summer has thrown me curveball after curveball.

Curveball #1 - best friend and other friend from Montana visited. This was fun, soooooooooooo fun, but put my boys and I off our schedule and left me without my usual nightly blog reading/writing time. Worth it but my writing did suffer a bit.

Curveball #2 - Father in Law passed away. This has required, and still requires a lot of emotional healing for my husband, myself and for our boys. Again it made it hard to write because even when there's a good day you feel bad that you felt good when such a sad thing just occurred. It made blogging awkward to say the least.

Curveball #3 - I planned for one month of Maui staycation madness and one month of Maui stay at home goodness. But... with the funeral came the family. So we have been blessed to be able to spend time daily with my husbands siblings and their families. But that again throws my normal schedule into chaos and I make it home every night in time to sleep but not to read/write any blogs.

Curveball #4 - I am very self-centered and usually write about myself and my boys. This summer has been filled with so many other people that I really don't know what/who is ok to write about. I don't want to offend anyone if I say a day wasn't great. I don't want to forget to mention someone when I talk about the awesome days. I don't want to vent and then have it taken seriously and have to hash it out in real life. So instead of facing my blogging conundrums I opt for silence. Silence is safe. Safe and boring.

Yet I feel like I should say something. I have had the honor of discovering several secret readers of my blog (as in you people who don't comment or publicly follow my blog) and they talk positively so I feel like I should be putting in more effort. Also I love blogging. When I write I feel better.

So now you know life is full of curveballs. I'm telling you, the thoughts I have are revoluntionary!!

I'll give you a brief highlight reel of my last week:

- went to my sick friends house (sorry for the label...I'll beg for forgiveness later) and discovered how great it can be to drop in on people. I hope she enjoyed spending time with me (who am I kidding? she loves me!!) because I loved every second of hanging out in bed with her :) Don't think weird, remember I told you she's sick?!? She let me unload all the stuff I couldn't write on here and got indignant for me and just generally made my life a little brighter.

- reconnected with my sister/roommate. I was getting concerned that we were entering a dark time. But we got an afternoon to hang out and as usual it was awesome and I laughed myself silly. She went download crazy on her smartphone and I've decided that someone should write an hour long stand up comedy routine all based on the comments people post for phone apps. It was oustanding and she was oustanding. Glad we're still cool.

- Finally spent my Pier 1 gift card from my dear friend that's been burning a hole in wallet for quite awhile. Got the best new picture frames and hangers ever and quickly put them up and made my room a little bit cooler...okay, a lot cooler!

- Whipped together a 4th of July party in like 3 days and had over 20 people show up to party the night away. My husband did most of the work and I made everyone else cook the food and share with us so it was non-stressful and entertaining. Wish we had spent more time playing board games and it left me dreaming about 2nd story lanais but still a very good party. Also, since it seems to be such a big deal, I guess I should let you know that I drank for like the 4th time in my entire 29 years of life. It was the Mikes Hard Lemonade variety pack that sucked me in. So now you know. That happened.

- Started the twins in summer tutoring with their old Kindergarten teacher. They are giddy excited about it. Day 1 they came home reading like champs and excited about learning. Day 2 left us with several long discussions about the longest words we could think of so that they could figure out how many syllables they had in them. Love that they get excited about these things, sad that it takes others to make them feel this way. I'll focus on the positive and say I am sooooo glad we have this particular teacher in our life, she's one in a million!

- Finally, missed out on a friends farewell beach thing today which bummed me out but did get to enjoy some family and best friend beach time instead which thrilled me. The weather was perfect and the children were well behaved. My new beach chair took my beach experience to whole new level and all was well in the world. So yeah, I liked today and I loved the company I had with me. 3 lovely ladies and 5 adorable children will make me smile everytime.

Now I'm off to bed. This post got long so I am sure that I did say time I'll try for a more put together something...but these are the dogged days of summer so no promises.

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  1. All I can say it you are such a great mom! So much love for your boys~ it's awesome!