Monday, July 11, 2011

Freezing time

Every once in awhile I have a moment that makes me wish I had the ability to freeze time. Mostly life is just rough and if I make it through unscathed I feel successful. But every once in awhile...

This weekend I successfully made it through my oldest sons bad attitude, and we are both mostly unscathed. It was 3 days of wacky wear me down arguments about everything from blowing his nose to why I was ruining his breakfast. He gets so wigged out about things and feels the need to blame me for how he is feeling. His favorite phrase over the weekend was, "Well thank you for that information."

I know you're thinking how cute and polite he is even when angry.


Not even.

He says it in the rudest smarmiest way he can while bobbling his head side to side at me and generally stomps off after the phrase or throws something. It's super pleasant. the midst of this latest stress I had a frozen in my mind forever moment. It made me seriously consider inventing a freezeray and did cause me to spontaneously break out into a rousing rendition of "despicable me"

We went to a family friend house and they had a pool with a waterslide. The kids all went crazy and had loads of fun while I sat and watched and then we had dinner.

It was pleasant.

Then my youngest was begging to go back in the pool. I ignored him and waved it off for awhile but then had an AHA! moment realizing there was no good reason for me to not spend time with my son. So off we went, just he and I, down to the pool. I thought for sure others would join us (there were like 15 people at the party) but instead we got 20 minutes of pooltime at dusk all to ourselves. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh, that's good stuff!

In that time I got hugs, helped him swim underwater, worked on floating, gave tons of kisses, and had a great conversation with him about who he's going to marry and why he loves his aunty and uncle. I felt like we reconnected during this stolen moment and wish I could have frozen the moment to make it last a whole lot longer.

My youngest starts kindergarten this year and moments to ourselves will be even fewer and further in between. We've had a rocky relationship and it's taken us 5 years to really hit our stride. So we have had a dstinct loss of these frozen in time moments. Now that we're finally there I don't like to think about the changes coming ahead as he starts school and makes his own friends and life.

For now I'm just going to savor our sunset swim and replay it over and over in my head. I haven't laughed that much or felt that good in a long time. Makes me thankful for my boys all over again. They have a lot to teach me, and I have a lot to learn.

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