Tuesday, July 12, 2011

That's my jam!

I am not a music person. I barely listen to the radio and I own a handful of cd's. I don't know the words to almost anything and I sing way too loudly with a lot of mumbling whenever I attempt to sing along. I own a handful of cd's that I bought from one of those cd buying clubs when I was in high school. Oh and one christmas cd from last year. My sons (who are 7) owned an MP3 player before me, I learned that I had one on my smart phone a few months ago.

With that disclaimer in place I need to acknowledge that I LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I can't believe it's magical powers, they're astonishing. When my jam comes on I get loud, I get moving and gosh darn it I get happy. Why didn't I listen to music more throughout my life? I feel like you all were keeping these powers secret from me. Shame on you!

With the MP3 phone thing I have my own personal soundtrack everywhere I go and it's always music I like, who knew how great that could be?

Oh well, the rest of the world sure...but to me this was all a great mystery.

I often wondered why I had not been bitten by the musical bug, everyone else in my family is really into it (and they all have musical talents too, isn't it disgusting?!?!) Then I had another epiphany (do you think I should look up the meaning of this word? cause I have been using it a lot lately!)

It's not that I have a problem with music, just music that I don't like!

When I got married 8 years ago my husband and I were planning a west coast roadtrip. In preparation I made a car tunes MP3 CD with 200 or so of my latest and greatest tunes. A few weeks ago I rediscovered this CD and it has been life changing. Every song that comes on has me screaming like a schoolgirl, "That's my jam!!" and then I dance obnoxiously and sing too loudly.

It's been providing constant entertainment for my sons as they sit and stare, eyes bugging out of their heads and mumbling under their breath, "I don't have to be like her, I don't have to be like her." But don't worry, I don't just put on this amazing show of musicality for my sons, it's also for the benefit of all the wondrous people driving by. I get amazing audiences at red lights. I can tell they wish they were in my van cause it's obviously where the party is at. Not once have people been concerned I was having a fit and called the authorities.

So, it took 29 years, but I think I am finally discovering the usefulness of music and I may be jumping on the bandwagon to buy a cd or two.

Wait, you say people dont buy cd's anymore?

Well maybe I'll just stick with my 8yr old CD of my greatest jams, so far it's served me well.

As a matter of fact I may go sit in my car now and get my jam fix just to start the day off right.

Cause I'm cool like that.

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