Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mixed feelings

Wow! I am not sure how I should feel about today.

Yeah! I went hiking, this is always a yeah! Activity for me (except that one time at that one place, but whatever)

Boo! My husband had to work and really wanted to come. Most things are better with him around (pedicures and obgyn visits being obvious exclusions) and he was missed.

Yeah! I conquered the scary swingy ladder by the edge of a cliff thingy that had me ready to wet myself and that I always made excuses not to try before.

Boo! After coming down from that ladder thingy I had an outstanding embarrassingly awful duck dive and roll sort of a fall in front of like 20 people and barely managed to stay on my side of the cliff. Then later I renacted my fall on accident and went headfirst into some muddy boulders while preaching to my sons about walking carefully and safely. It wasn't my finest moment, but then I had to pee in bushes today so it had a lot to compete against.

Yeah! My sons all swam to the waterfalls and tried to catch fish (and even caught some that we brought home and will now raise as though they were our own)

Boo! I couldn't brave swimming. I am a water loser. And I am fairly certain I have mental issues.

Yeah! Great family night after with pool time, fish frying and me drinking on an empty stomach.

Boo! My picky eating habits mean that I had just rice for dinner and shamed my sons by making them eat things that I wouldn't (then later I snuck a banana and dessert but sssshhhh, they didn't see)

Yeah! To having such a great husband and mother in law and sister in law and brother in law who all made me feel puffed with pride when they gushed nice things about me (k so not everyone gushed but you get the point...someone said something nice at least once and gosh darn it people like me)

Boo! I am not in peak physical condition (I.e. fat but working on it) and those falls did a number on me so now I am home lying in a weird position to make my back feel better and typing on my tiny phone keyboard.

See! Not sure how to feel about today. Let's leave it at this, it was memorable.

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  1. good for you for going hiking. I am not a happy hiker... you are a trooper! Hope you're heal from your fall okay! :)