Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happiness is...

I think I need to focus more on happy thoughts and happy moments. So I am going to start a weekly post on my happy moments.

Today, happiness is...being home.

I got up this morning with time to shower and the chance to use my new (and 1st ever) blowdryer. That right there makes for a good day. My me prep time was 30 minutes instead of my usual 7 minutes of speed degrossifying while yelling at various other members of my family to degrossify themselves.

Then I cooked breakfast (this happens approximately 5 times a year). I should have been cranky about it (I was yesterday) because I had no choice but to cook because our family is on this crazy allergy elimination diet thing where I have to monitor everyones food closely. But instead I enjoyed the fact that i planned it out and that it worked out and that we all ate it. I even enjoyed cleaning it up and prepping our lunch (I know, it was weird for me too, enjoying these things is not usually on my radar)

Then my sons friend came over to spend the morning. This made me sigh and get all googly happy because I love watching them play together. The 4 of them were constantly entertaining me and it was amazing to see the growth in my youngest as he actually played with his friend and not just alongside him. OH HAPPY DAY!!! Some peoples kids just rock!

I got my laundry chores done and my house is moderately clean (as in not embarrassing and breaking no major health codes huzzah!!). I am currently sitting and toodling my time away on the computer because I can. Because I am home.

Later today I plan to sew, go on a bike ride and then my boys are going to their friends house leaving my husband and I home alone.

Do you see what I mean?!?!?!?! Happiness is being here in my home today.

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh (that is my sigh of contentment not a scream...I know it's hard to tell these things when they are typed)

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