Sunday, July 31, 2011

Excuse #287: My computer broke

I have a lot of great excuses for not getting things done, excuse #287 is why I haven't blogged in oh.....two weeks or so :(

My computer really did break, well the power cord did. I don't want to hear about the 4 other computers in my house or how I can even blog from my phone from any of you know it alls (I am saying this with one hand on my hip and the other wagging a finger at you, you know who you are) My computer broke and that's the end of the story.

Oh yeah, and I'm lazy. I guess there's that too.

You'd never guess it from the title but this blog is about,

drum roll please/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/
(that's my emoticon for drumroll, do you like it?)


Back to school time happens tomorrow, August 1st, here on the good ol' island of Maui.

No matter what I've said, I'm not ready.

And it's not just cause I keep forgetting to buy that one last thing on my childs school list (darn you elusive germx, darn you!). Well that's part of it, but there is soooooooooooooooooooo much more.

First, back to school means back to work. I like work. I am amazed that the position I have as Parent Facilitator even exists and I want to do my darndest to ensure that this position adds value to my childrens school. I love the hours, I love the people and I love being able to be super involved in my childrens education.

But on the other hand, work is work, and I love being home too. That didn't really happen more than a handful of times the entire summer so I feel it was a missed opportunity and that work has snuck up on me waaaayyy too soon. Hopefully my new schedule will allow me to find more balance in my life and the peacefulness of it all will overwhelm me and you will all be in awe of how much I manage to do all the time while still looking as great as I do :)

Or, you know, it could just go better than last year, that would work too.

Second, my twins are starting 2nd grade. Did you hear me? 2ND GRADE!!! That's old. Why didn't I make them get held back so they could stay little forever? Curses on me for making them too smart! Actually, I blame my husband for that one, so curses on him.

They are going to be in the same class this year for the first time. This has me in a bundle of nerves with my stomach tied into a thousand fancy little knots, the kind you think look pretty but that you can never undo. Never. I don't want my boys to be the kids that cause disruptions :( This thought saddens me to no end. BUT...we put them together with good reason, because it would exhaust me to handle 3 teachers, I mean, um, errr, because we think they will strengthen each others weak areas. Yeah, that's it! But what if they don't? BUT...WHAT...IF...THEY...DON'T!!!!!!

There's also the fact that I was able to mostly hide my crazy the last two years, but now that they have the same teacher it's all hangin' out there for everyone to gossip about. I have written the twins teacher no less than 3 lengthy emails regarding my oldest twin, and school hasn't even started yet. I don't want to be that parent...but I am. Before, no one knew that I only crazy stress over 1 twin, now it's blaringly obvious and makes it look like I don't love the other one. Between allergies, focusing issues, medications and his lack of ability to handle grief, my oldest is giving me ulcers. The younger twin however just cruises through life and makes the world smile. Don't get me wrong, he has issues too, but I just always know he'll be ok and be stronger from whatever he goes through. Not so much with the other one, not so much.

Third, my baby is starting Kindergarten. I knew you were feeling sick to your stomach when you realized I was having to deal with 2nd graders, but now can you even handle the insanity that is my life right now?!?!?!?! I know, neither can I.

My baby boy is small for his age, has a slight language delay and some socializing issues. His fine motor skills are subpar and his coloring is, as he puts it, "scribble scrabble." These things have me hoping and praying that he will go to PreK. An extra year of school could make all the difference in his pride and in his abilities. I would so much rather give him the opportunity to be a step ahead than always struggling to make the standard or even worse, a step behind. But I don't choose this, the school does. And he's so darn smart and adorable that who knows what voodoo magic he'll work on those unsuspecting Kindergarten teachers during testing. If you've seen his eyelashes than you understand my concern. The boy has magic powers to melt hearts and minds.

I realize that I could just pay for another year of preschool to ensure that he got the extra time I feel he needs but that costs money. So, instead I hope, I pray and I slyly prepare my bribes. All of that bundle of messy stressfulness doesn't even touch on that fact that this means I will be a parent of three school children, none of which can aim when using a toilet. I am telling you, life is waaaaaayyyyy too hard.

So that's it, now you know, it's Back to School time. The supplies are bought, the backpacks are ready and the uniforms are washed.

It's two weeks before I will be settled in to my new schedule, we'll know where our youngest was placed and all will be right in the world again. So if you think of me, pray, pray hard, pray really really hard.

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  1. You're a super mom! I love reading your posts and having lunch with you! This year, I've decided to stop being a bag lady and be more like my students and use a backpack. Hopefully it'll free up my hands! :)