Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The winds of change, they are a blowin'

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness (when you read this line you have to say it like the orphan girl in ANNIE does. If you cant do that, you need to be a better person)

I have witnessed a miracle my friends. No longer will I be stuck in the mire and muck that has been my past experiences. I have seen the light and now I rise above, can you feel me people?!

Ok, so maybe I was not born to be a televangelist, but I really have witnessed a miracle.

You know all that back to school stress I was having? The stress that allowed me only 2 hrs of sleep before the big first day? It's gone, aaaaaaallllll gone.

My twins love school and they're not bugging anybody. The stress and anger that has been a part of my twins daily school routine is gone. 3 days in and each day they have been more excited and thrilled by 2nd grade than the day before.

Gone are the days of whiny grumbling over playground mishaps. We have said goodbye to the insecurities that plagued their poor souls.

I feel like I should clarify, their school is great. I have loved their teachers. But school has sucked. We just haven't been able to make it work in our family. There have been great moments over the last two years, but my boys have created way more bad moments.

I'm probably jinxing it, but I'm saying it anyway, the worst is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my adorable sons decided to do their homework without being told, did quality work, and kindly accepted corrections. Life is so good right now that I can barely handle it.

Of course we've still had tears and scrapes and one yelling fit, but I have 3 boys, it's to be expected. Overall I am still calling it a miracle. The joy on my twins faces everyday is something that has been missing. The sight of the two of them hand in hand at recess or arms around each others shoulders as they walk the campus are priceless.

Sorry all it's not a funny post this time. It's a braggy, smarmy, touchy feely, in your face bit of me loving a moment in my life. Enjoy!

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