Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family goals

Soooooo, my boys and I made a plan today.

The plan is something I stole from a blog. I would link but i'm swyping on my phone.

Crap. Thats a lie. I'm Trying to sound cooler than I am. Swype actually failed me long ago and I am reduced to hen pecking on the worlds touchiest tiniest keyboard.

Um, got a little off topic there. I said all that to say that i'm stealing from another blog and I cant link and give them credit right now because my phone won't let me.

Back to the plan. We are going to become a family who compliments. Nice things will be uttered from our lips on a daily basis.

My sons agreed that this was a good plan. I Havent clued hubby in yet, but he compliments me all the time so its sort of like he's winning already.

I checked in to see how it went today.

Twin2- "I told you that you were pretty so I'm done mommy. Youngest said you looked bad, so what did he say nice?"

Youngest- dazed look. No response. I hear crickets.
But he did hug a teacher so that goes in the win category.

Twin 1-" I told madison she was a good runner at recess. You should have seen her!!!!!"

So..... I think it went well.

Be on the lookout for a compliment coming your way from our family sometime soon.

P.s. In case you're wondering I complimented myself:) after going to the movies tonight I announced to my sister, "i might not look as good as mila kunis, but I saw my reflection in the window and I looked pretty good. Man, I love blue and yellow!!!"

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