Monday, December 27, 2010

Activity Week

We have 2 weeks of Winter Break this year. The plan was to spend one week at home and one week being tourists on our own island.

The plan never works out.

We did spend a lot of time at home last week but we also ran to stores, in-laws and playdates a lot during the week so it was slightly less relaxing and missing some of the crafty zen we could have achieved. Still a really good week though :)

This week everyone gets to pick an island activity and then I scream, yell, stomp my feet and push people out the door to make it happen. (It's not always this dramatic but that's the dread creeping in of what I fear will happen when I make my family do anything.)

It's always fun once we get to our activities but getting there almost kills us. Packing to be gone for more than an hour and where stores and fast food aren't accessible is next to impossible and almost requires a full luggage set these days.

Whatever time I choose for the activities will not be the right time. Someone falls asleep in the car, someone has to pee as soon as we leave all the places where that's possible, someone is going to miss a football or video game opportunity, someone just wanted to stay home, someone gets sick while we are in the worst place for that to happen or someone pushed everyone out of the house, left the luggage set of supplies at home made everyone stay out and miss two meals and now the whole family is crying.

Or it could go well. That's always a possibility.

Todays island activity is from the oldest sons list. We are heading out to baby beach this afternoon. I have yet to really think through this activity and I am not ashamed to admit that I don't plan to til the last possible moment which will mean I get stressed out and forget something. But on the bright side I will have a calm morning where I am not thinking about how to make 5 people bend to my will so I can make them have fun.

Tune in tomorrow to hear how it went.

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