Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sometimes I impress myself.

Made it to Aikido, recycling center, gingerbread cookies w/Santa, Mastercuts, 5hr birthday party, bought a christmas tree, put up the tree, watched 4 christmas movies, decorated tree, got cardboard for craft project and made a new outdoor home for our dog. I seriously impress myself.

Today was all about accomplishing some tasks. There are still 100 or more to do but today was a good day and now I am exhausted.

On a side note just have to say I am so proud of my sons! They had true christmas spirit this morning and were extra kind to people we encountered. At the birthday party they waited their turn, shared, used kind words and kept the focus on the birthday girl. I couldn't ask for better behavior (except the one crying fit...) and it makes up for a lot of the moments when we forget these behaviors. At least I know it's possible, now what do I need to do to make it probable?

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