Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where did all this anger come from?

I had an ok day. I was a little off my game, which can be frustrating, but that usually isn't a dealbreaker for me. Mostly, I got a lot done and was able to make it all seem fun for my kids, that gets marked as a successful day in my book.

Yet right now I am seething. An hour or so ago I was just done and everything since that happened has made me more and more mad.

Do you think this is what happens to our kids? I can't explain why I feel this way but I do know that the feelings caused me to behave in a manner unbefitting to a woman such as myself. It besmirches my good name!
Sometimes my kids just go off the deep end and I know they must be a little tired, bored etc... but think they should still be able to handle themselves. But if I can't control myself how can I hold them to that standard? Going to have to sit and ponder this awhile...

Side note: sitting and ignoring the world around me while mindlessly checking facebook has helped to put me back in a less crappy frame of mind. Sometimes I seriously wonder what is wrong with me.

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