Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am bursting with craftiness!

My creative juices are flowing! I have absolutely no time to do so for myself but I can unleash a little of it on the WinterFest decorations.

I just about went into overload as I walked through the craft section at Walmart, and they are a sucky craft store. Imagine if I had been in a crafting mecca, I would have fainted dead away!

I love the holidays and I love any excuse I can find to get creative and make things myself. My boys are developing this same attitude. Both of the twins chose to make their brother something or buy them craft supplies. I actually had to argue with the oldest one cause some of his craft ideas were way out wacky. He settled on making an apron for his brother whose dream it is to be a chef. The younger twin went and got the coolest paper he could find so his brother would have it to make his paper airplanes with.

So for myself today, I took the time to have a mental meltdown of creative proportions, a girl can dream right?

p.s. In case you are wondering I would really like the robots cricut cartridge for christmas. Gotta keep the craftiness flowin' all year and robots are appropriate in all seasons :)Publish Post

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