Thursday, December 16, 2010

no need to lie

My children impress me so much sometimes.

The other night we were eating at grandpas house and he was telling them not to go peeking and looking for christmas presents around our house. He proceeds to tell them that there are presents hiding and asks them where they think they might be. He is goading my children into being sneaky, at least  as best as I can tell. My husband says I am always misinterpreting what his parents are up to.

I interjected at this point and said, "They know where the presents are hidden, right boys?" My son proceeds to tell grandpa that the presents are in mommy and daays bathroom and that they know they can't look and they wouldn't want to spoil the surpise.

Gotta love honesty and trust, sometimes they work out!

Then today I heard people stressing about wrapping presents and i have two different friends whose kids already got into presents around the house and destroyed them. I have had mine out and wrapped under the tree for awhile. I add a couple more each day. My sons rarely even notice or pay attention to them other than to read the tags ( something we encourage 'cause any reading is good reading!!)

I love my kids. I love that I have way less holiday stress  then a lot of people because our boys are so laid back. Thank you God for the personalities you have given them!

I'm sure your way works for you, and I am not saying my way is right, but it works really well for us. The more we explain how things work at our house the more our boys seem to rise to the occasion and meet our expectations.

Now Christmas stuff is all done (I skipped a lot, like most of my baking and sending cards etc...) and for the next two weeks we're enjoying family time. This weekend is a lesson in insanity but after that I am drooling over the amazing days we're going to have.

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