Friday, December 17, 2010

Cider Night

I have had so many posts about my anger lately, I fear it has made me look a little mad (pun intended!) :)

So here is a post about my elation.

My lovely friend texted me awhile ago asking if I had any cider for her Christmas Bunco night tonight. I of course responded with a hearty, "of course!" Well as hearty as a text response can be, I expect people to use their own acting skills when reading my texts and it's better if they are done aloud.

Now you know.

She responded with a, "figured you would" (I am paraphrasing as I do not have my cell in front of me right now) and I immediately went to my happy place, a place of elation and warm fuzzies.

I love, love, love, love, love apple cider.

I also loved that she asked!

She is just that kind of amazing friend. I don't like it when I get somewhere and the host moans that they couldn't find something and it's something I have at my house or know where to get. I want to feel close enough with them that they would ask. There is not a lot that makes me happier than sharing what I have, be it household items, cider or knowledge. And yes, I generally share whether you solicit it or not, so you might as well just ask.

I was feeling drained and a little bummed that I committed to so many little activities this weekend but these brief texts brought me back to my happy place and probably saved my family from an unhealthy dose of my insanity. So yeah for you friend!

Also, this particular friend recommended my blog and got me my first follower that joined via the rumor mill. So yeah for you again friend!

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