Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family Time

Yep, we've had a lot of it recently and I am loving it!

This Saturday, with much fanfare, we hit up the local outdoor skating rink (which is free, how cool is that?).

After the first 15 minutes both Moe and I were in sore need of our first break. Our friends began showing up then and as they came to say hello I watched their faces turn to concern as they stood poised to call medics in case I collapsed. Some also said I looked sunburned.

Turns out I am really fat and out of shape and after attempting to teach darling adorable 5 yr old Moe how to rollerblade (which entails squatting behind him while trying to teach myself how to rollerskate) for 15 minutes I was not okay, and neither was he.

He had a severe case of icant disease and I was nearing a heart attack.

After a brief rest and a long explanation of how noodle legs are not for rollerblading, only strong legs like the Hulk will work, we headed back out to try again. We made it a lap and a half with minimal tears and then he did his best fall of the night and took me down with him. I sat on the cement for awhile before venturing up to find that he had landed on my foot and ripped my skates. I hobbled us off the rink holding back tears of embarrassment and sadness. Those skates were the first, and one of the most thoughtful, gifts that my husband had ever given me. I had them for 12 years and they were now broken beyond repair. Luckily i am a superhero so I got over myself and convinced my little bundle of icant crocodile tears back onto the rink and I helped him while I walked next ot him in my street shoes. Despite the fact that he could only stand up for 5 seconds at a time he still performed his best robot moves to every single song and had smiles for everyone passing us. After each loop he said he was done and I said one more and so we continued for an hour and a half.

By the end of the night he really didnt need me but I stayed because i couldnt let him be free yet. I was so proud and so was he, we had pushed through the icant and almost emerged into the ican.

My husband is a skating machine and rocked the rink with all of his sweet moves, I think we should throw him a skating party for his brithday next year! My twins did the rollerblade shuffle where you basically walk on skates and accidentally roll every once in awhile. They loved every minute.

We're going back again this weekend (I ordered new skates)and I think we found a family activity that we can all enjoy. Hip Hip Hooray!

p.s. Larry and Curly have been practicing around the neighborhood so they'll be as good as daddy next weekend. Curly, the shy tentative child, rocked the rollerblades and can go up and down hills now and on and off sidewalks. Very surprising and very exciting! Larry, daredevil leader with an attitude, suffered one of the worst cases of icant disease that I've ever seen and cried and whined and moaned and fell and got dramatic for a half of a block before giving up completely and crying all the way home. Not what I was expecting for our biggest skate enthusiast. We're trying again today, cross your fingers that he was just tired last time or more than one of us will be crying.

p.p.s. Whoever decided that parents are allowed in the rink in street shoes is a saint, should be knighted, and deserves a medal of honor. Cant believe what a difference that made in teaching my son without killing me!

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