Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The icant disease

A disease has permeated my home. It has encroached upon our families well being and threatens to alter my darling sons permanently.

The icant disease. Sometimes also referred to as itstoohard or ineedhelp, always said in the whiniest tone of voice possible sometimes includes violent sobbing.

You see, its summer which means i have time to spend with my kids, which means i **gasp** try to teach them things! So far with very mixed results.

I know my youngest son suffer from this disease, its part of why he went to preK this year, he needed to learn that you cant just cry every time you don't want to do something or get someone else to do it for you. I thought we had made great strides, apparently we've hit a setback.

Last week my youngest asked me to play Skylanders with him. If you do not know this video game you should, I cannot express enough good things about it and I may or may not be mildly addicted to the iPad app for it. I sat down with him to play and within two minutes he was in hysterics. Everything he tried was too hard. he couldn't make the controls do what they were supposed to. he didn't know he wasn't supposed to kill me. We got to the end of the level where we had to kill the big boss, but first we had to time it just right and jump up three rotating bounce pads. It took me awhile to get it, it wants easy. But it was possible. Unless you're five and in hysterics. To Moe it was too hard. He sobbed and sobbed and didn't even try. he shoved the controller in his brothers hands begging them to do it for him.

At this point i reached that eerily calm place where people get afraid of me. I calmly repeated at least a hundred times that he should keep trying, that he could do it. the more hysterical he got the calmer I got and 25 minutes later he made it up the bounce pads and helped me slay the big boss.

We turned off the game and I turned to tell him how proud I was that he stuck with it and kept trying. he blinked back crocodile tears as he stared up at me with a huge grin on his face and said, "that was easy, I'm going to play outside now."

Icant is a vicious heartless disease.

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