Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't you ever talk to me like that again!

Your room is disgusting!

Do not hit your brother! Fine, do not touch your brother at all, ever!

Finish eating!

You did what?!?!?

Turns out, parenting is hard. Did I miss some all knowing parenting memo? Because I cannot figure out this whole discipline thing.

It's official, I suck at punishing my kids. The only things I can really take away from them are books and going outside. These seem unusually cruel and might possibly send the wrong message.

I know this is a problem area and yet I do nothing to fix it :( then every 5 minutes when one of darling angels disobeys I'm completely flummoxed as to how I should proceed.

This morning is the perfect example. Its wednesday which means school is out at 12:15. We have relatives visiting so the plan is to go do touristy things with them this afternoon. Except, when I made the rounds to wake up children this morning I found 1 trashed bedroom, 1 overflowing bathroom trash, 2 unmade beds, and a clothing carpet covering a lovely bathroom floor. In other words, some little angels did not do their chores. Add to that the fact that my oldest lost his school binder again and in my mind it adds up to an afternoon at home doing our chores.

The problem is that this punishment punishes me and my relatives too, do you see the problem? I don't spank so my only other option is to assign extra chores (which won't get done either), make up a fake punishment (we were going to go to disneyland tomorrow but now that you forgot to make your bed that plan is gone) or follow through and be a grown up.

Punishments suck, why can't they just do everything right all the time?


  1. I finally worked out how to comment on your blog! It was in 'magazine' mode all the time and didn't show the box. But I was so keen to tell you that I'm running a background check that I perservered and here I am.

    You have a very confusing blog layout, B. It's probably just me (I am slow at the best of times), but I really am flummoxed as to how all the side things operate.

    ANYWAY, totally agree with you on the discipline thing. I'm just waiting for them all to do the right thing 100% of the time so I can relax about that discipline stuff. Can't wait. x

  2. Good to know! I rarely look at the regular view of my blog and I read everyone elses blogs in Google Reader. Maybe this summer will be my moment to give my blog a facelift.

    Hope you enjoyed my background check, I am a fascinating person :) But seriously it was nice to get all of that said on your blog where I didnt really need to be anonymous!