Sunday, April 15, 2012

We bought Chewbacca

That's what my oldest announced excitedly to my sister when we met her at the movie theatre tonite.

Knowing what a sucker for a good deal I am her reply was, "Oh, was he on sale?"

My son didn't know how to reply to this so he just started doing one of those ants in your pants dances and shouted, "look! There's a picture on mommy's phone!!!!"

I handed my phone over and my sister gave me the questioning look that most certainly said, "Why are you taking pictures of star wars toys?"

Her look quickly turned from I could barf its so cute..........and finally the piercing eyes that demanded answers.

This is the picture that she saw:

This is what I explained:

We went to Lowes today to buy shelving and then walked over to check out the new Sports Authority. In between we saw some animal rescue group setting up dog kennels in front of PetCo. As we passed a second time there were dogs in the kennels. My youngest immediately became enamoured with the little guy pictured above. So we asked the lady for his info and found out that he is 6 weeks old and was found in a ditch on the side if the road when he was 22 days old. He had been living in a foster home and this was the first week that he was adoptable.

He was a cute puppy but we had to go pick up the twins from Aikido practice so we said goodbye. My husband, myself and my youngest then spent the 10 minute care trip to Aikido talking about how maybe that dog would be perfect for us. We decided to take the twins to meet him. Plus I had to go back because I had an Old Navy coupon to use, you know how it is.

We took the twins back and they loved the puppy and another dog. We stood and talked about it. We snuggled dogs. We found out about this great new organization H.A.R.F. that was started a year ago and saved dogs that were on death row at the humane society, or you know , that they found in ditches. The next thing you know I was filling out an application.

The application said they had to do a home visit etc... and the puppy was so young and still needed shots etc... that we figured we'd have a few weeks to finish fencing our yard and decide if this was something we should really do. Then the lady said, "so you want to take him today?" and I found myself saying, "sure."

And that's how we ended up getting a dog today. A mutt that will probably be huge very soon. But right now he is very fluffy and adorable. We bought out the puppy supplies at PetCo and took him shopping with us at Old Navy (I still had to use my coupon!) and Walmart and then it was home to puppy proof. Our 3 sons are over the moon excited, right now they are all 3 asleep with the puppy in my youngests bedroom.

You may recall that I had a puppy before and that we got our dog Princess Leia from the Humane Society about a year and a half ago. You may also recall that I threatened to give her back multiple times. Partly through some help i received through this blog we didn't return her and our household wouldn't be the same without her. She is finally outgrowing her puppy stage and we adore her, when she isn't barking and jumping on people. More importantly I think I finally have my husband and boys trained so that they can all handle a dog. My husband dislikes Princess Leia and our outside cat Alleycat, my sons like to say he only likes fish. He is adamant that he just likes bigger dogs and I have to say, 12 hours in, he seems to like this dog more than any of our other pets, I'll keep you posted on updates of his puppy love.

Interesting day huh? Oh, and here's the best part, in case you didn't figure it out already. We named the little hairy beast Chewbacca, we really are THAT crazy Star Wars family that you shake your head at.

To tide you over til my next post, here's some more photos of the cuteness happening up in this hizzouse.

p.s. Yes I do realize that a puppy is a crazy lot of work and that I have been complaining about feeling overloaded a lot lately but never fear, I have a plan! Also, I finally have all the carpet out of my house so really, how bad can it get?


  1. So cute how the puppy sits on the books!!! Fun times with the pup!

  2. Oh my: he is adorable but looks like he is going to be a stuff! And I happen to love Star Wars crazy families these days! On that note, lately I have realized that I love Star Wars way more now through the eyes and joy of my children, than when I was young and seeing the movies!