Thursday, April 12, 2012


I think of so many great blog posts during the day and then by the time I sit down at night to write its like somebody used that flashing mind eraser tool from Men in Black on me, only I never come out of the daze to find myself staring at Will Smith. Life is cruel like that.

So in the past few days I intended to write about: epic temper tantrums, whiny cry babies, communication errors, the blame game, weight loss goals, and the great closet caper of 2012 but I cant remember enough to write more than the titles.

Oh well.

The thing I do remember about this week is how overloaded, overwhelmed, overweight and over everything that I felt. That is until two things happened.

1. I called my mom...and we talked for 2 hours. If you know my current mom situation you know this huge. Regardless of how "in the know" you are, let me reassure you that this is HUGE! She listened while I whined about public school vs home school, working vs stay at home mom, finding our calling in life and at least a million other things. I listened while she talked about finances, life changes, health insurance stresses and the other things that are currently a pain in her life. We commiserated, we problem solved, we cajoled and I think we both felt better and like we had some new hope. It was refreshing.

2. I ran a training session. I get paid for 17 hours a week and was finding myself there at least 30 hours plus I was working on projects at home. Much of this is due to my own poor time management, need to do a job myself and desire to volunteer my time to make my workplace the best that it can be. So no feeling sorry for me no matter how pitiful I sound, I choose this for myself. Anyhoo.... i finished a major project and it was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Then I realized how much I had ignored while working on the big project and spiralled into a pit of self loathing that only quitting could resolve. At least that's what I thought until i went to a district meeting with all the other people that have the same job as me. I did a training session and as we commiserated about the various stresses of our position I was reminded of why I do the job I do and how good I actually have it. I left feeling refreshed and much less loathsome. Also I felt really smart that I knew something they didnt and I got to teach it to them. I was like a puffed up peacock all day, preening over my mad computer skillz y'all!

Oh yeah, and I got my new master closet installed this week. I have been living out of clothes piles on my couch downstairs for the last month and a half so this event was beyond refreshing, it left me feeling freakin euphoric! Woohoo!!!

It's been a pretty good week is all I'm saying.

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  1. I am so happy you had that experience with your mom! :) Some unexpected light in a dark day always feels amazing!

    I am starting to freak out a little about going back to work myself. Fortunatly, it doesnt look like I will start til August. So I have some time to prepare and get my butt organized to make things easier...hopefully. :)

    I love reading your blog...

  2. Thanks heather! Your comment made my day even more refreshing :) its amazing how I let 17 hours overwhelm me. Still trying to learn that balancing act! I don't understand how moms that work full time manage ad yet I can't. Gotta keep reminding myself not to compare and hope our situations are different I guess.