Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hair removal and weird behavior

This title describes my Good Friday.

I woke up Friday morning and heard my sons playing in their room. They have morning chores that they have to do before life can happen each day and I just knew they hadn't done them. To avoid starting my day angry I attempted laying in my bed and ignoring the problem, silently praying that they would just do their chores.

My prayers weren't answered but my husband did wake up concerned and went to warn them of the impending doom that would descend upon them as soon as I finally got out of bed.

Two minutes later there was screaming and so I was up and handling the first battle of the day. God must have been listening because I was able to end the battle and begin the chores all with a moderate tone of voice. Will wonders never cease?!

Unfortunately my youngest decided that life was too hard and refused to do what he was told so we ended up having to skip a fun beach day with friends. When I announced this to my oldest son he went from loving me to devastated and hells fire angry in 1.5 seconds flat. It was a sight to behold.

We regrouped and voted that we would stay home and improve attitudes until after lunch. If we could manage then we would go to lahaina, our favorite staycation destination.

With that drama managed my sons all went downstairs to play video games and I found myself with time to myself.

As the name of my blog might indicate, I'm trying to take advantage of that so I decided to tackle the task of hair removal. I apologize in advance, but this is probably more than you wanted to know about me.

And now to commence oversharing.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned enough that I turned 30 this year. With those 30 years has come some changes. I've decided I need to grow up a little. One step towards this "growing up" was learning about waxing. Except I'm cheap so it really meant buying a wax kit from Walmart, don't do that okay?

I ended up with bloody armpits that could not be touched by me or deodorant for days and legs that looked like they had suffered an acne bomb. It wasn't pretty.

But, never one to give up, I decided that Walmart probably just lied to me with their ridiculous product promises. Thank goodness google never lies, it just gives 8000 different opinions. My trusty friend Google led me to an hours worth of hair removal YouTube videos and finally an amazon shopping spree.

As I suspected, Walmart was evil and I just needed a different product. I am sharing this with you for several reasons.

1. Did you know waxing your legs and armpits could be sort of relaxing and entertaining?

2. Did you know that you should use different wax on legs and underarms? Do not make my mistake, google this before you too suffer irreparable armpit chafe.

3. I'm just so excited about my smooth as a babies bottom legs and armpits that I had to tell someone and it was weird when I tried to share with the checkout girl at Safeway.

4. Unless one of my sons becomes a professional swimmer I will have no one else to bequeath this knowledge to.

So, I got some time for myself and then played video games with my sons (I yelled twice and my oldest was in danger of throwing something but it was still pretty fun), and finally got to go with my kids, my husband, my sister and my mother in law on a little staycation afternoon and evening.

We shopped and ate and held 15 impromptu photo shoots for this flat Stanley paper doll that my niece sent us and that we were supposed to send back a week ago. He was mutilated twice but it turns out you can steal magical healing power scotch tape from pretty much any cash register. You just have to be quick. Or I guess you could ask too.

It was an interesting day. As for the weird behavior, well we had some of that all day but the best example was at dinner. We went to a brewing company and they gave us a huge booth with a tv mounted right by us. By the time our dinner came I noticed that none of my 3 sons was talking, moving or eating. Weird right?

As I looked around for the witch that cast this magic spell I realized they were zoning out on a televised poker tournament. I chastised them and got them to eat and pay attention to me momentarily but it didn't last long. You see a darts game came on and they were officially lost to the rest of us. As in zombified, I could have picked their nose and the wouldn't have noticed.

I was so disappointed by this behavior and ready to analyze everything that we've done wrong that must have brought us to this point but my husband convinced me it was funny and they were tired so I'm letting it go.

I mean, I will google tv obsessions in elementary age kids but then I promise I'm letting it go. And I might just have a quick chat with the school therapist about these sorts of behaviors. Or maybe I'll just do a Facebook poll on how much screen time my friends kids get so I can generate comparisons and project trends, but then I'm letting it go for real. I promise.

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