Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I am rocking this day!

Every once in awhile the stars align, God smiles down on you and the universe takes a vacation from shoving crap at you and your day goes well. At least that's what happens to me occasionally.

Today (this whole week actually) we started our morning without yelling.

Did you get that? There was NO YELLING!!!! (Well almost. I don't count normal yelling, just the raise my blood pressure, make veins pop out and children cry sort of yelling)

We were on time for school and work. This is almost becoming the norm for us, I've probably jinxed it by telling you about it though.

Once I got to work (at my sons school), I dealt with the breakfast bully problem, asked my boss the question that i had been meaning to ask for at least 6 months but never did, helped the kid who is beyond paranoid about made up problems, laid the smack down (kindly and gently) on the crazed basketball court children and assigned a staff member to corral them and remembered to tell my friend/co-worker about the box I was supposed to give her but then kept forgetting to give her.

See what I mean? I was rocking this day!

It just gets better. I finished my to do list before 1st recess, followed up on all the meetings I went to the day before and usually forget to follow up with until its time for the next meeting, and scheduled meetings to solve problems that had been presented to me or to address concerns that I have. If you know me, you know that I will discuss these things forever and have great intentions of getting to it without ever actually getting to it. I will probably be famous for this someday.

But there's a downside to peaking so early in my day. there is no possible way for me to sustain this level of awesome for an extended period of time and I fear the downfall will be severe.

The day is still so young. There is still homework time to contend with, meals to be cooked, chores to be done and errands to be run. Chances are I will handle this task list like the true champ that I am. By yelling, crying, issuing edicts and finally ignoring the tasks and pretending that its fine to sit and watch Hulu and browse Pinterest instead of take responsibility for my responsibilities.

Sorry to get so gloom and doom on you, but who really wants to read a post that's all sunshine and unicorns anyways?

It's good to have a dose of reality. Plus, I am a god-fearing woman who believes in miracles so that leaves options open for sunshine and unicorns in a gloom and doom world. Right?

How about you? Did you rock anything today or did you have a downfall kind of day? I'm hoping you had a little of both, because that's what makes us all human.

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