Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dark Secrets

So, I wrote a blog last week stating that I was back and that regular blogging would occur. But then I wrote nothing.

Basically, I lied.

Ummm, yeah, so I'm sorry about that.

To make up for it I am about to share all sorts of secrets you never wanted to know about me and that will probably make you view me differently forever. Or, three secrets that you might already know. You'll never know unless you keep reading.

It's a good hook right? Are you still reading? Mission accomplished.

Secret #1 - I am ridiculously and hopelessly lazy.

A big part of why I havent blogged, and I know I've discussed this before but bear with me, is because my laptop is unavailable. I know, I know, you're sad for me right?

Except my laptop works fine, its in the closet. Its in the closet because my tech junkie of a husband has made it so there is an awesome pc in our dining room, his personal awesome pc in our bedroom, his work macbook in its laptop bag, our boys ipad by the side of my bed, my nook in my purse, and my smartphone charging by the side of my bed all available to blog from. So I no longer have the need for my laptop.

But I dont want to sit and blog by myself in the dining room, i dont want to use my husbands computers, and the nook, ipad and smartphone all have touchpad keyboards and I royally suck at typing on them and there is no way I am getting up to get the laptop and then have to plug it in.

See? Lazy.

If that's not bad enough, I paid for one of those fancy schmancy bluetooth keyboards so that i could blog easier on the bluetooth. FYI, its awesome. Except I was sitting in the dark and I couldnt see the keys. I sat here slowly typing and mistyping for the last 30 minutes until my husband came home and I could get him to turn the lights on for me.

See? Lazy.

Secret #2 - I'm a big scaredy fraidy cat. My days have been filled with unbloggable moments. Not that my life is boring. In the past month I turned 30, my dog resumed her fleeing habit, my 3 children all took turns being sick and I completely upended my house in a Pinterest redecorating rage. Life has been full of moments, but they were mostly moments I couldn't share. Every day that I think of writing something I think of who might read it and be offended, or embarrassed or mad and I freeze up unable to spill the beans. These moments make me wish I had kept my blog anonymous. I know that it is technically anonymous, I don't use my name etc... but I post it to my personal facebook account and I am pretty sure that 15 of my 16 followers are friends and family, so really the anonymity is just for when this blog goes global, because, yeah, that's going to happen.

I'll say it again, I'm a big scaredy fraidy cat.

Secret #3 - Do you pin? I avoided it like the plague when I first heard about it. Everyone was doing it and my friends facebook statuses were filled with comments about what a timesuck it could be.

I do not need more timesucks in my life. Between laziness, words with friends, napping and monster pet shop I suck all my time away already.

But then my facebook friends were doing such cool things and these not good idea people were coming up with mind blowing ideas and so I had to find out what Pinterest was all about.

Turns out Pinterest is a bottomless pit of awesome. I mean, at first I didn't get it, searching the web and pinning to a virtual bulletin board was way to tall an order for me, it sounded suspiciously like work. But then I discovered that I could search within Pinterest and let others do the worldwide web searching for me!!!

How awesome is that?

And so my pinterest habit began.

Now its got a dozen boards and hundreds of pins (you can friend me if you want! Come to the dark side, we teach you how to bake perfect cookies bwahahaha).

I don't spend a lot of time on it, but its like facebook, I check it 10 times a day for just a few minutes each time. Turns out those minutes add up.

But the time suck turned out not to be the real problem. The real problem is that I now have a way to not lose all the cool crafty ideas I see out in the world. Now that I am not losing them I have to do them.

Like I am literally driven to do crafts and cant sleep thinking about ones I should be doing, that I did wrong, or that I could be posting.

It's a sickness really.

I've made decorations, pillows, painted pictures, created gift tags, built headboards and even taken family pictures. These are all things that I say I'll do, think about doing and never quite get organized enough to do. But now Pinterest has ruined all of that.

So here I sit, exhausted, cranky, organized, and with a head full of craftiness that I just cant seem to shake. I now live a life filled with "Pinterest made me do it" moments.

There you have it. Laziness, fear and my Pinterest obsession are the real reasons behind my barren blog.

Good thing I bought a fancy schmancy bluetooth keyboard, that will definitely fix everything.

What about you? What causes you to go off the grid from time to time?

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  1. Don’t know about 'off the grid' but Words With Friends is a great way to pass the time. Better than watching TV. … WHAT AM I SAYING! … There’s nothing better than TV, but I’ve come up with a great way to build your WWF skills and have fun with TV trivia at my blog. Let me know what you think of it.
    Okay, when it comes to TV, an addict I am. Hello my name is Leona.