Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wish me luck!

I am supposed to be at a dinner party in 5 minutes.

My sons are all in the shower and I am blogging, feels like we might be late.

Anyways, now that you know that useless bit of information let me share all the fun stuff.

First, I did work on the project yesterday. It took me 3 hours to tile inside the window and to create tile baseboards on all the walls. It's a little sad to see that in print, it should not have taken 3 hours. I also ruined a bucket, these things happen. There was no post or picture because I finished well after midnight and voted sleep over blogging.

I know, I know, it's like I don't even care about my dedicated readers at all!

Today, oh today! The things I can tell you about today.

I left work early and took a 2 hr nap to recover from all the late nights. Got back to work to pick up my kids and refrained from physically stomping (although I was stomping mad) that the work I needed finished was not finished. Now I get to go into work at 6am tomorrow, like I said, stomping mad. Then I heard that some kid in my youngest sons grade level had some sort of highly contagious herpes. I think the note will come home with the explanation in a day or two but the kids had to be removed from the classroom and everything is being sanitized and the poor herpes kid cant come back til its resolved. It's just a mess. On the to do list tonight is google viral herpes. It will probably give me nightmares.

We had a pleasant and quick homework time today (proof that miracles do happen!) which meant we had time to bake a dessert for the aforementioned (fun word right?) dinner party this evening instead of buying one. Except when I walked in the kitchen I realized I hadn't done dishes for two days so I made my sons wash their hands approx. 100 times while I quickly did dishes, wiped counters, handled recycling and got out ingredients. Then I saw the big bag of garlic on the counter that I was supposed to chop and freeze several weeks ago so we postponed baking and shucked garlic cloves. IT was actually very entertaining and a fun project to do with my boys, I am going to have to remember that.

With all of those distractions complete we finally got to baking, or well, frying really. We made homemade donuts. I cheat at this and use Pillsbury crescent roll dough. I usually just cut it in little pieces, pop it in the oil and then stick it in a bag and shake on a topping like cinnamon and sugar. This time we got fancy. I should know better than getting fancy. The twins rolled the dough and the youngest closed the pieces up to create circles. That's right, we made them look like real donuts! We fried them up, but of course I had the oil too hot because I was rushing for the dinner party that I am officially 7 minutes late for as I type. So they got a little dark and are a little doughy in the middle. Ehhhh, what are you going to do. I let the boys roll them in cinnamon and sugar and we all did taste tests and the baking was complete. Success!

Now we're off, I think everyone is finally dry and dressed.

Strike that.

Youngest just appeared in weirdly tight mismatching pajamas and announced, "I'm ready!" Guess I have a few more minutes.

Tonight I have grand plans to grout the entire tile surface and clean the floor and counter so that tomorrow we can remove the countertop and so I can grout the floor. This is at least a two hour job tonight so the chances of accomplishing it after the merriment of the worlds most fun dinner party (seriously, the invite list is filled with AWESOME!) is not good.


p.s. I have pics of the donuts taken by middle child or younger twin, whatever you prefer to call him, I will add them to the post later, so check back if that interests you.

p.p.s. I'm tired of crappy project pics so I am going to wait a day or so and post when it actually looks nice and with my husbands fancy camera (if I can figure out how to turn it on)

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