Wednesday, November 16, 2011

12 hour work day

This kind of schedule is not conducive to the whole wish fulfillment finish the job sort of attitude that I was going for. I got to work at 7am and didn't leave until 7:45pm, it was a long day.

The thing is, I knew my Tuesday was going to be like this in advance, it's not like it was some crazy surprise. Nope I knew I would work for 12 hrs and still I made a commitment to work on my master bath project everyday. Pretty sure I'm off my rocker.

It's due to this fact that I am blogging at 11:36pm after working for the last hour on the project.

That's the picture of what I accomplished. It was taken with the iPad again and the iPad doesn't like me to work at night so it takes cruddy pictures. It's not much, but it was difficult so I figure that counts as something.

On a positive note, the fact that I worked on a project at 10:30pm means that the I'm feeling the peer pressure and the need to at least make an effort each day. Believe me, I wanted to go to bed, but it was too mortifying to blog that I did nothing today, so I stayed up. The text from my sister reminding me to do something may have held influence as well.

Could you imagine if I blogged about my projects everyday? Oh my goodness, this blog would be beyond boring. To lower the boredom factor and up the adorable factor, I'll share a quick story with you all.

My youngest son went to bed very late tonight. About 1/2 an hour after he had disappeared into his room he came storming back out to get a drink of water. As he turned to return to bed I sweetly said,"goodnight sweetheart."

he promptly turned around, hands on his hips, and announced, "you know I like to wear shorts mommy."

I had made him take off his jeans at bedtime so I thought he was referring to the fact that he was in his underwear. I quickly said, "go to bed. It's fine to sleep in your underwear."

he retorted with, "I don't mean at bedtime, I mean for school."

I then realize that I made him wear jeans to school because I hadn't done the laundry in way too many days. I said "oh, you didn't like wearing jeans today? Maybe I should do the laundry."

he proudly said, "that's what I've been thinking."

I thanked him for reminding me to do my chore and promised that I would do laundry. He walked towards his room saying to himself, "mommy should just do her chores when I tell her and this wouldn't happen."

I love my son and I am now staying up way past my bedtime and doing laundry. Goodnight to all of you who do your chores when you're told.

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