Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I blame the dog

I had so many good ideas today. I was going to tile the baseboards and the window area and grout the floor.

But I got home from work just after 8am and took care of getting the neighbors trash to the road and helping my husband with our trash. Then I discussed the tiling options with my husband. Before I knew it 10am had arrived and I hadnt even gotten started.

Next up was a trip to the hardware store. I found the tile I needed and then came home and taped them all to the wall with masking tape to make sure it would work and to send a picture to my husband to make sure he agreed that it would work.

While I waited for dear husband to email me back with his opinion I ate lunch and cut each tile out of the mesh mosaic it came in so that I could alter the grout line size and I chiseled out the section of tile that I had screwed up. By the time I finished it was almost 1pm and 45 minutes was not enough time to do the window area and I couldn't just stop in the middle to pick up my kids from school so instead I took a nap.

After picking up the kids it was homework and I remembered that I needed to wrap presents and get them mailed off ASAP and then it was time for the boys aikido practice and I needed To run errands while they were in class. Then it was 6pm and dinner time.

All this so far was to be expected. I know I get distracted and that I rarely get much accomplished during a school day when I am not working. But this is where things got hairy. Hairy and unexpected. When my son went to feed the dog at dinner time he discovered that we had run completely out of dog food. We had 2 giant bags of cat food but nothing for the poor dog. So we fed her dog biscuits for dinner and I put the boys to bed. Then I had to go to the store to get dog food.

I took my sister so it took an entire extra hour to run a simple errand( we are easily distracted) and then it was 9pm.

I am not starting a project at 9pm, it's just not happening.

So here's what I did today:
- I took out the lines of tile around the window with a chisel
- I bought new tile at the hardware store to outline the window
- I separated all the mesh entwined mosaic tiles so I could make them fit where they shouldn't fit

I feel sure that I would have something tangible to show for my efforts if it wasn't for the late night errand, so yeah, I blame my lack of success today on the dog.

Here's a pic of what I think the tile edge is going to look like. We have bronze metal touches all over so I am hoping it will work within the tile border too.

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