Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wish fulfillment

For lack of a better term, that's what I've decided to go with, wish fulfillment.

You see, I have all these ideas and plans and ummmm, zero follow through.


I've noticed that I have a better completion rate if i tell someone else or if someone else is counting on me.

So this weekend I really wanted to stay home. At first I thought our plate was empty all weekend. Turns out we had aikido practice a sleepover and the twins first aikido test. Soooo, I planned around those things and made a goal, mostly stay home!

To fulfill my wish I posted it on Facebook. I figured if I told everyone I was staying home and then didn't I would look super silly so it would be a motivator to follow through.

Good idea right?

Then I saw a coupon for a great Christmas present but it required me to take a family picture immediately. So instead of staying home I hauled my butt to two stores to get the props I needed and hastily dressed everyone up and made my husband take our picture with his fancy remote thingy for his fancy camera in our front yard in the dark. Then I spent two hours uploading and editing images and missed the coupon deadline and scrambling to find another coupon and got my cool Christmas present ordered.

Phew!! Things never turn out the way I plan them. Staying home was a fail.

Now for take two in operation wish fulfillment I am taking a note from the interwebs latest craze, pinterest. It's a site that acts as a virtual bulletin board for all your wishes. Things you want to buy, make, give, own etc... Can all be saved in one place to serve as inspiration and motivation.

As I try to figure out this new electronic wonder I think of projects I need ideas for so that I'll have a reason to make my first bulletin board. Of course my thoughts go instantly to my master bath.

My master bath has been a work on progress for a year, which also means it has been unusable for a year. And, it's all my fault ( well mostly.) my husband ripped out the walls and put in a whirlpool tub for me. I put in new flooring and painted the walls and cabinetry. I ordered new faucets And shower heads and found the perfect shower curtain. I bought tiles for a zillion project ideas.

Then we just sort of stopped. This summer my husband allowed me to call for help ( for those of you that know my husband and I you also know that this is a MIRACLE!)

My friends husband is a contractor and he came and put in the drywall for me and gave me tips for how to tile the walls. I promptly went and purchased tile and began the process.

Then the school year started and I stopped again. My bathroom just sits unused and half finished. So, with the inspiration of pinterest and the help of This blog i am going to fulfill my wish of completing my master bath this week.

I will blog every day about any progress made and try to post pictures. Here's how you can help:

1. Hold me accountable. Ask me how it's going, bug me with questions, remind me to get something done..anything.

2. Take my kids. Mostly kidding, and realistically you would need to take my husband too. Family is distracting:) although now that I think about it, if you took them I would be so busy enjoying my quiet casa that I still wouldn't get any work done.

3. Do it for me. That's an option right?

4. Write a comment do I'll feel all warm and fuzzy about my idea and know that someone will actually notice if I fail.

So, here goes, operation master bath wish fulfillment is in full swing. Wish me luck!!

Today I finished tiling the main part of the shower. Don't know what to do about the window and need to work on the tile floorboards tomorrow.

Sorry the pic is crap, it's night and I took it with the iPad.

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