Thursday, November 10, 2011

Extreme Christmassing!

My favorite thing about blogging might be that I can make up words and no one really contradicts me on them.

Do you like Christmassing? I'm rather fond of it, thank you very much.

Let me share the concept with you.

You've heard of extreme couponing right? If you haven't, google it, tivo it, hulu it, dvr it etc... until you are more knowledgeable. You NEED to know that this subculture exists and probably to blame for every item they have ever been out of when you desperately needed it at the store (I MAY have exaggerated, but come on, these people are a little much right?)

So I don't extreme coupon. I mean I would, but who has the time? My 17hr work week keeps me full up peeps, full up. BUT... I go mad crazy for a good deal. I research and plan and squirrel away and pounce on just about every good deal in sight. I learn and make notes as I go and every year I get a little better at getting the big scores, the "ungettable" deals. I become the Extreme Christmasser.

In October I begin making lists of who our family is buying presents for this year. Then I set a completely unrealistic budget and begin to badger everyone about what they want. I scour online for ideas and read up on the top toy guides of the year etc... Then I come up with my list and my back up list of what I want to get and when I need it by so I have time to ship, wrap etc...

By mid November, let the extreme Christmassing begin. I swear I get a little high over getting the good deals. Retail therapy anyone? This year is all about video games and musical instruments in my household. I can proudly announce that I have already begun seeking out the good deals. I will go to all 10 stores on our island and spend hours online pouring over coupon codes and black friday predictions. Some items you just cant get and some items I wait to buy all year because I know they are on their best deal around the holidays. It doesnt have to be a christmas present either, just a good deal that I or someone I love can use.

I should become like some of the extreme couponers and use my powers for good. Hmmm, file that in thoughts for later...I do love to share my "finds."

This year I got a jump start. My first amazon shipment is ordered and the UPS man will soon be ringing my door daily (oh yeah, he's on the christmas list). This weekend I happened upon one of those "ungettable" deals and got the toy of the season $50 off. 3 days later and I am still patting myself on the back over that one! I may have had to argue and beg but I got the deal that I wanted and there was nothing they could do about it!

Before you get all judgey,

what you didn't think I would know what you were thinking?
I am judging myself as I type this, how materialistic am I?!?

Let me point out that we buy one combined gift for our 3 boys each year and one santa present. My husband and I do not buy gifts for each other. We have 5 siblings + 3 sibling spouses between us, 3 parents, 1 grandparent and 5 nieces and nephews. Also, because we live in Hawaii its often easier for us to buy presents for our sons from other family members so that we all save on shipping. Its a lot of people and planning to think about. If you ever wondered why I suck at Christmas cards, its becuase I am busy with this.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I like to have my shopping done by Thanksgiving. That way I can spend the entire Christmas season decorating, carolling, baking and reading the nativity story over and over. I love the presents but I don't want them to become the reason (or the stress) for the season. Plus it gives me an entire month to revel in my amazingness at getting good deals.

So that's it. Now you know one of my dark secrets. What exciting presents are you looking into this holiday season? Need help finding that sweet deal? Any of you locals venturing into the dark unknown of Black Friday?

I might be available :)

You'll be feeding my addiction, but isn't that what friends are for?

Talk to you soon, I have to go scour for early release ads!

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