Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sad face

I just wrote a poignant piece about my son being inadvertently mocked and asked for help and feedback from my blogging community.

I put some great jokes to Help make light a sad situation. Then I tried to add a picture to really drive home the point I was trying to make about how "special" my youngest son is, and everything erased.

Where is autosave and draft when I need it? Holy sad face batman this is so not cool. NOT COOL.

Heres the short and not nearly as well written version. A very nice boy made loud observations about how my youngest son is weird in a variety of ways. My youngest didn't hear him and the child wasn't trying to be unkind. The real problem is that I got my feelings hurt and I am now concerned that he might be getting teased for his "uniqueness."

Wha to do, what to do!?!?!

Go on a rampage and protect my son from possible teasing eveywhere like the mama bear that I am?

Confront the mom in a non-confrontational way and ask her to explain to her son that it can sound mean when you point out kids differences and hope it doesnt become some awkward big deal?

Praise the lord and do a dance for joy that my sons obliviousness to the world protected Him from harsh words today?

get my son help for his obliviousness?

There's a lot of options.

I do understand that he is very different and that being different is hard, especially when you're a kid. I guess i've just never really heard a child say something harsh about any of my kids before and I was woefully unprepared.

On a lighter note, I also posted a witty update about the bathroom project in my previous blogging attempt. Now that that attempt is shot to hell I'll just give you the highlights.

- its still not done.
- I wasted 3 days being scared of grout.
- my husband helped and was fun to work with.
- we had some miscommunications (my fault) that led to having no sink to work with, which led to 789 trips back and forth down the hallway to another sink, so that was fun too.
- we can't choose a sink so I may never have my bathroom back again.... Ever.
- my husband tore out another wall just as I finally fixed the last one we tore out. Either he really wants to make me happy and do this project amazingly or he really likes to screw with my head.
- I haven't figured out how to use the fancy camera or where the battery is for the plain camera so there are still no pictures.

And thats the news for now, sad face.


  1. "Praise the lord and do a dance for joy that my sons obliviousness to the world protected Him from harsh words today?" <--------- My vote :). I lived in "a bubble" when I was growing up, and it was a divine protection from God when I needed it (what I believe today, cause BOY WAS I OBLIVIOUS!!!). God made him in everyway the way he wanted, for a reason, a very good, Gods mind kinda reason. You are so blessed to get to be his mommy!!! (totally feel your pain, a little kid on the playground called my 4 year old Gay, and I was SO thankful he didnt have a clue he was being put down/made fun of, or knew what the heck that ment!!!)

  2. I am just cracking up. I am racking my brain because I cant think of anything that makes him diffrent then any other boy his age. Except that Toben is one of the most amazing kid 5 years old ever. I would celebrate who he is and not even give a care to that other kid unless he does it again. Then you should address it. If Toben had no clue then maybe God wanted it that way:).