Monday, November 7, 2011

White pants after labor day

Yesterday was quite a day!

6:30 am - wake up everyone early on a Sunday and rush everyone through breakfast and get them dressed.

7:20 am - run to the dryer to grab the freshly washed aikido pants. Pull them out and discover that I have managed to disintegrate them. Literally all that's left is the waistline and a few strings. They are not identifiable as pants or any type of clothing. How am I going to explain this? Why didn't anyone ever tell me bleach could do this? What kind of monster dryer did I own thatchers aikido pants when you need them? WHY GOD WHY?!?!!

Cue panic.

Five minutes of frenzied mania where I laugh, cry, scream and convince myself and everyone in my household that I have ruined any chance my twins have of passing the test for their green belts.

7:25 am - shove everyone into the car and head to kmart. Husband takes younger twin to sports section on the off chance they have martial arts gear. I head to the little girls department with older twin and youngest son because there is a snowballs chance in hell that they'll have white pants in the boys department. I find white stretch pants with glued on rhinestones at the ankles, maybe we could buy them in xlarge and cut off the ankles? Husband meets me in shoes and shows off his discovery of baseball pants in size xsmall. He wins the finding contest and we rush off to the aikido test at 7:45.

7:55am - we pull up to the dojo parking lot shouting things like "clear your mind!" "be calm!" "put the pants on NOW!" etc.... And rush them inside for their first major test.

Praise the lord we did it!!!! And with five minutes to spare:) the mania is all worth it to see our sons achieve at something they have been working at for a year and a half.

We are greeted inside by "what are you guys doing here? The children's test is next Sunday."

So we turn around and leave.

8:30am - breakfast at IHOP. It's so early to have had that full of a day!

Have you ever gotten the date wrong on something important or is it just me?

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