Friday, November 4, 2011

Brilliant idea!

This is too long to facebook so here comes the blog.

Our sons rule at bed time is to lay with their eyes closed. They, of course, have 100 reasons why they can't close their eyes.

Blah, blah, blah they can easily get to stay up an extra 20 minutes with their gnattering about closing their eyes. (Don't you know that it makes your eyes water when you close them!!!!!)

So the other night my son had a terrible nightmare. I have no idea what it was about, he was too scared to explain it. Whatever, it was 2am and I let him sleep in our bed. Quality parenting at its best, I'm sure.

Then the next night on cue we hear, "I cant close my eyes or I'll have that nightmare again!" Out come the hysterics and curly haired angel and has turned into a nightmare himself.

Then my brilliant problem0solving superhero husband comes on the scene. He assesses the problem and quickly runs off with a shouted, "hold on a sec" over his shoulder. What magic does he return with?

A pink satin eye mask embroidered with "sweet dreams" on the front.

He explains to our now wide eyed 7 yr old that he can wear this over his eyes and it will help him sleep. Our 7 yr old says, "you mean I just wear this and then I don't have to close my eyes?" and excitedly runs off towards his room.

The next morning he announces to us that it works AWESOME and why didn't we give him one sooner. His brothers want sleeping masks with magic powers too.

He has slept with it every night for the past week. He looks ridiculous but the confidence its given him is amazing! Last night I was telling my sister about this mask magic. She went downstairs to his room to check it out for herself.

Our 7 yr old explained to her that it was pink and said sweet dreams and kept him from having bad dreams or closing his eyes. She asked if he liked pink to which he replied, "especially on the inside of it, it's more natural." Then he explained to her that his bad dreams came from the big bed mostly so he just doesn't sleep there anymore. His twin (on the big bed) shouted angrily, "just leave all the bad dreams for me then!" and our 7 yr old quickly shouted back, "Well I'm not catchin' them!"

Sometimes the smallest weirdest things become the best ideas and the most entertaining moments. Have you had any brilliant ideas this week?

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