Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Wow! I cant believe its been one whole year. For a girl who doesn't stick with things this is a serious accomplishment. I think I will pat myself on the back all day long, people will think I have fleas, but I'll know its for a job well done.

I promised during my 100th post, which was all about myself cause I'm cool like that, that I would finish my list of 100 things you love/hate about B. So that's what I will do for this monumental occasion. Finish something that I started :P

100 things you love/hate about B - part 2

51. I have loudly confessed my love affair with soda
52. I'm one of "those people" that leaves the empty cans lying around everywhere

53. I'm really big on putting a lot of thought into activities
54. I'm really bad about putting actual effort into activities until the last possible second

55. I have extraordinary powers of patience
56. Yet I still yell....a lot....

57. I love to share stories
58. My memory is so short term that I'll probably share the same stories with you hundreds of times

59. I am a fanatic about reading the manuals for everything
60. After I read them I always lose the manuals so no one else can ever read them

61. I mean what I say, you can count on it.
62. My tone doesn't always match my words so no one believes that I mean what  I am saying.

63. I love tomato soup
64. I hate tomatoes

65. I love to read
66. I feel compelled to read everything - trash, signs, ingredients, labels, 1000pg books, trashy mags, etc...

67. I'm good at technology and have the patience to help others
68. When tech assistance goes over my head I volunteer my husbands expertise without his permission

69. I make a lot of organized lists
70. I never remember to bring my lists when I need them

71. I shower regularly
72. I always have dirt under my nails

73. I am super healthy (never sick)
74. I always think something wrong with me.

75. I am very thrifty
76. I will tell you the price of anything (do you like my $3 shoes?)

77. I love to create
78. I never have time to clean up

79. I am a collector
80. I force collections onto others (mostly my children)

81. I share my troubles
82. I do nothing to fix them

83. I am very enthusiastic
84. I am very overdramatic and prone to embellishments

85. I love to hear others advice
86. If I take your advice I loudly give blame but never credit

87. I usually have that one thing you need
88. I usually cant find it

89. I love talking to and hanging out with friends
90. I suck at calling or getting together with friends

91. I am a multitasker
92. I cannot seem to master multitasking

93. I love to throw parties
94. Throwing parties almost always makes me cry because I get so overwhelmed and frustrated

95. I am filled with good intentions
96. My good intentions are often unwanted

97. I have an active imagination
98. Its really an overactive imagination

99. I am never going to write a list like this again
100. I will probably forget about this post and write a list like this again

So there you have it, list complete. Some ideas of what you can love or hate about me. How about you? Do you have any love/hate personality traits hidden in your closet?

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