Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creative Overload

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I MIGHT get a little over excited about creating things sometimes.

I actually avoid gettin' my crafty on a lot of the time because I'm an all or nothing kind of gal and have zero ability to set boundaries. But every once in awhile I let myself go crazy. It is amazingly fun thinking of ways to create things, actually making them is usually pretty great too but then I have a problem.

What to do with the things I create.

Don't worry, I have several examples of what I'm talking about to share with you.

The Owl Baby Shower
My best friends best friend (I know, I know I've said this before and now it's about two different friends and it's still confusing but I can't think of any other way to say it so whatever) is pregnant with her second child. My best friend wanted to throw her a baby shower and her friend loves owls so she thought she would make it owl themed.

I don't remember if I was invited to help plan this party or if we were just talking about it one day and I decided that I was helping. I can be pushy like that, it's a problem. Regardless, the owl friend is my friend too, and I got really excited about the opportunity to get crafty and creative.

I MAY have went a little overboard.

There were almost 200 owls in the room the day of the party. I had pulled out my trusty cricut paper cutting machine and cut tons of owls in all sizes. Then I made a big paper tree and taped it to the wall for the owls to sit in. Then I made a sign that said Baby Tyree. Then I made an owl diaper cake. Then I made an owl quilt for the new baby. Then I created and quilted an owl pillow. Then I made owl thank you cards.

Are you getting the picture?

My poor friend says owl theme and I go owl crazy.

Ahhhhhhhh, but it sure was fun :)

Here are some pics of the creative overload I unleashed on everyone (My best friend and a few other good friends made yummy pretty foods and helped put together a lot of the crafts and decorated the tables and did all of the hardwork for the party so please don't think I'm taking credit by posting these pictures, but I will assume blame if necessary)

This is what I meant by the all or nothing.

So that's just a few pictures of that.

My dear friend who always has the cutest handmade finds and ideas bought a headband at a craft fair or somewhere. It was doublesided with a cute fabric pattern on each side.

I immediately wanted to make one.

I'm usually more of a bandana girl but bandanas don't seem appropriate for work so I've been looking for other ways to tame the giant mass of frizz that usually frames my face.

So, she wore it to bunco last week and I insisted on taking it so I could make a template. Then my sister really wanted to make some too. So she came over sat and sun night last weekend and picked out like 50 materials that we just HAD to make bandanas out of. Her enthusiasm was infectious so I decided that we just HAD to make them too. Then we ended up cutting like 200 or so and sewing at least 20 that night.

Now I have to give headbands as presents to everyone I even semi know for the next two years to get rid of the massive supply I collected.

See what I mean?

Fun to make, fun idea, fun times with my sister, but now what do I do with them all?

PLEASE tell me that you want one! (p.s. I did not take a picture of them yet but I will try to remember to do that and add it on here.)

Youngest sons 5th birthday
This one probably deserves it's own post but I'll save it for another day, today I am too emotional.

Creatively I went way past overload and into insanity with this party.

This was his last big party (after 5yrs old it's just invite a friend to dinner or a movie sort of a party, no more 30 screaming munchkins at your house for 4 hrs kinds of parties) and I was determined to make it the best ever.

He chose a super hero theme and I began amassing supplies a month or so before the big day. He had major opinions about everything:

  • only kids 5 and under were invited
  • he needed a cupcake cake
  • a hero sandwich as big as him 
  • there had to be games 
  • he wanted to dressup. 

Well, I strive to please, so I invited 12 of his young friends (of his choosing) and the party was a go. I blew up 200 balloons (with help from my sister) and we filled a tent with them to make a balloon room to practice their super skills. I turned polo shirts into capes for all the kids and paper plates into shields with flashing light star stickers on the front. Everyone designed their own masks and shields. We made a mini photobooth and hauled out my 3 sons massive dressup collection for all the kids to dress up and pose for pictures. My oldest son made a game where he drew chalk lines in the driveway and made kids race like Flash. All 3 of my boys painted cardboard boxes to look like buildings and made gotham city out of them. Then my oldest made a game where the kids had to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I did a superhero photoshoot prior to the party and liked the pictures so much that I made posters out of them and hung them around. I made all the kids placemat shields with their names and hung them as decorations. And like 15 other things but I am getting tired of writing them all.

Anyways, I made so much stuff and then today arrived and I didnt feel well and my house was a disaster and I was so slow at getting things done that I barely had time to decorate and half the stuff got left in my garage :( But, it was still cute and still fun. I will post pics tomorrow.

See what I mean? I need to chill out a little on the creative craft stuff and focus a little more on chores, family and my sanity. No one 200 owls and 200 hero themed decorations. Like 2 would probably cover it.

How about you. Do you ever get a little TOO crafty?

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