Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cake Hater

What do you do when your son hates cake?

Worse. What do you do when he hates cake but thinks that he likes it?

My adorable 5 yr old was so excited to have a vanilla vanilla cupcake cake with sprinkles for his Super hero birthday party. This is what I made.
It's a super T symbol because that's what his name starts with. I used licorice and nerds to do the top.

He hated it.

To his credit he tried to be polite by lying and saying that he was full. But no amount of bragging could make him eat his own birthday cake.

I was devastated. It ruined the whole party for me :( Lucky for me he's 5 and could care less and loved his party regardless of the scary cake. Unlucky for me I had to play it off like, "haha, kids. what can you do?" while secretly dying inside.

For the record - Everyone else ate it and I heard very few complaints so I really do think it was my sons problem and not my cake making skills problem.

So, I hatched a plan.

I deduced that he must have been scared of the unusual looking cupcakes (makes sense right?) I was determined to make him something for his actual birthday (the above was for his earlier party with friends) so the planning began.

First, I grilled him relentlessly on flavors he liked and what sprinkles were ok sprinkles. I was pretty sure I had it figured out but still felt a little timid after my previous monumental failure.

Aha!! I decided he and I would make the cake together out of all store bought ingredients (none of that homemade crap where there can be hidden foods) on the day of his birthday.

Here's a photo montage of how that went, he did it all himself. It was a gross mess and he was SUPER proud!! Sorry about the quality, I took them with my phone. Also, I do not know how to turn the pics so enjoy the crick that will be in your neck by the end of this post. It's like a present for you!

First he broke 3 eggs into the mixing bowl
(only one exploded from his wrist all the way up to his chin, so...success!!)

Second, pour in the cake mix

Third, pour in water. Fourth pour in oil. 
(I premeasured. This still counts as him doing it himself because everything is always premeasured on cooking shows.)

Fifth, mix the batter. Sixth pour the batter. 
(turns out 5 yr olds lack certain pouring skills necessary for this task. Lesson learned, batter disaster cleaned.)

Break for a taste test of the batter. He said YUM!!!

Now for a frosting taste test. (I was not going to just take his word on it. Fool me once!!)

Not sure why the pictures look like this. You will have to take my word that it was thumbs up for vanilla and thumbs down for chocolate. I SWEAR!!!

Step 7, frost the cake. As the picture might indicate, 
it took awhile.
(I may or may not have lost patience, poured it all on and told him to spread it around. That still counts for doing it himself right?)

TADA! Frosted cake. 
(Yes it's in an M shaped all edges brownie pan. He wanted it to be shaped like a letter and this is what I could come up with. Poor choice? Probably.)

A final taste test break. Quality control was needed to ensure the frosting was truly edible. Turns out it was a YES!

Final step, sprinkles. Apparently dump 2 entire cans of sprinkles right in the middle. We each have our own decorating styles I guess. 
(note: maybe don't have him help with household decorations...unless you really like the sprinkle look.)

TADA! AGAIN! His final creation. He was sooooooooooooooooooooo proud :)

I know what you're thinking, I am such an amazing mom. While I can't disagree with you on that, I do have to let you in on a secret. 

The pictures lie!!

That's right. He was excited all the way until it was time for the cake, begged for his piece and practically dove into his plate.

Then he saw the cake on his fork, changed his mind, and was "too full" again. Whatever kid, I get it. You hate cake. I will NEVER make this mistake again.

Except he still thinks he likes it. I'm at a loss. How much cake must be wasted before he acknowledges that he just doesn't like it and that those feelings are ok?

The world may never know.

p.s. I broke my no picture rule to give you this post. What do you think? Should I tone down on my conspiracy theories and start posting fam bam pics every once in awhile?

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