Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I know it's the real spy family!

Those are the words my 4yr old uttered to himself repeatedly as we exited the movie theatre after watching Spy Kids 4 yesterday.

First a disclaimer. I do not take my kids to see a lot of movies anymore, it's cheaper for me to buy the DVD when it comes out.Going to the movies is ridiculously expensive!!! Also, I had a hunch that Spy Kids 4 might not be a blockbuster and worth the ridiculous amount of money it would cost. However, I had loads of guilt built up from two weeks of daily meetings and cancelling kids plans so off to the movie we went.

Now on with my story.

My kids were over the moon excited to see these movie. We saw the 2d version but it was still extra thrilling because it had an extra dimension, aromascope. Aromascope means a scratch and sniff card that you scratch when they flash the # on the screen. It makes you feel like your in the movie. Right?


Aromascope was 8 circles, 7 of which smelled like gummy bears and one that was either like bubble gum, mint or licorice depending on which of us you asked. I will grant that we saw this movie way after it had first been released so maybe the scratch and sniff had worn out or something, but still it was very disappointing, Except for my 4 yr old. After the movie I asked if he scratched them all. His reply, "No (with a smile) I just touched them. It was amazing!"

I know you're all wondering how amazing was the 4th in a series of fascinating edge of your seat thrillers? Surprisingly (she said very sarcastically) unthrilling. Seriously sad acting combined with pitifully predictable writing and added to seriously unbelievable but none the less disgusting moments (have you ever seen a diaper bomb?) made it a little less than what I had hoped for. I may have fallen asleep for a portion of it. DO NOT TELL MY KIDS.

Of course that's just my review. My 4yr old laughed out loud hysterically (amusing all the other 4 movie patrons more than the movie, he has an amazing laugh) at numerous points in the movie. He was on the edge of his seat enthralled with every single moment and hanging on every single word. Afterwards he went on and on about the real spy family that even has a spy baby and a spy dog. The little boy had a super punch and that is one of my 4yr olds super powers so that took things to whole other level of awesomeness. He woke up this morning still excited to go over every nitty gritty detail.

So there you have it. Watch Spy Kids 4 to learn about the real spy family (and diaper bombs). Or save yourself an hour and a half that you can never ever get back. It's your choice. I'm always right on these things but my 4yr old hopelessly adorable so I'll understand if you take his recommendation over mine.

How about you. Seen any awful movies lately?

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