Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My heart is overflowing

Oh happy day!!! (picture me singing that, like the kids did in Sister Act 2, cause that's practically what's happening)

Today we had 2 things to make my heart nearly burst.

1. My boys found a new "easy" friend. I know that leads you to thoughts of loose women but you should wash your filthy mind because that's not what I meant.

What I mean is that friend that occupies my children so that I become superfluous. The friend that plays so nicely and shares so well and has such good manners that I can accomplish monumental tasks like laundry unhindered by my children. The easy friend also gives tactical advantage to those of us mommy manipulators. It means I can make them do any chore without whining because it means the friend can come over. It means that when the friend leaves they will be so happy that i allowed the play date to happen they will meekly acquiesce to any demand that I make. Aaaaaaahhhhhh, the easy friend. It's a rare find and we have only a few but boy do these kids make my heart full.

2. After easy friend left, like I noted, my children become putty in my hands. I issued the edict of "go do your homework" and was met with compliance. I almost fainted from shock! Once I had recovered I went to check on the progress. As I made the rounds I thought my heart might burst with pride.

1st born child: "mom look at the six! it's so good it looks like I typed it."
I congratulated him on his handwriting (we've been struggling in this area) and as I was leaving he said, "wait! I forgot to show you the 7. The 7 is extra beautiful" and indeed it was, it was beautiful.

youngest child: "mommy look I started on my own and didn't even need directions! See! This is the directions and this is the picture and I don't need you til the end to help write a sentence." and indeed he had done his homework properly and slowly but surely his handwriting is getting stronger and his pictures are gaining more details.

middle child - well he was hiding under the bed.

But still, those moments make all the screaming crying arguing homework moments worth it.

So ummm yeah. My heart is overflowing.

Did any moments overflow your heart today?


  1. "But still, those moments make all the screaming crying arguing homework moments worth it."
    Love this!!!
    This was my moment today :)
    Christian went to time out when asked, without a fit/sent to his room/start to throw everything in his room around/massive hysterical crying!! Just, go to timeout, he went, stayed his 2 minutes, and was out. I was so proud of him, I nearly forgot why I sent him!!!!

  2. I am so happy for you! Congrats on your newest addition. I've been following the pics etc on fb and praying that Christian has more of those moments so you can get settled into being a mommy to 4!!!!!